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the fly on No bid Park Maintenance..


the fly has heard a rumor today that the water department is paying parks department $100,000 to trim bushes at some of their sites and maintenance I thought that supposed to go to bid…..

6 thoughts on “the fly on No bid Park Maintenance..

  1. One hand washes the other.

    The Parks Dept can’t handle its’ normal volume of work…

  2. Is that true the utility company is utilizing other Village departments again. This it is part of the lawsuit among other things. If this is true what is the work being done ,and how much is the costing amount in labor, materials,. How did that amount come up too the hundred thousand dollar mark. And also we understand that the director of water Is also in charge of sanitation and recycling department is this true .if so those employees are considered under the water department. Aka Utility company. Things need to be clarified here. This utility company needs to be run by itself with no other departments.

  3. Thank God we’re RICH and STUPID, so we’re willing to pay with out a fuss.

  4. Do you ever feel that the multiple on-going questionable actions taken by anyone in Authority in Ridgewood has to be a horrible nightmare from which you just can’t wake up? Every day someone finds a new and more insane action that they are diligently trying to conceal!

  5. Sell the water Dept.

  6. So what? They will make up an excuse, cover up the violation….no enforcement…no consequence!

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