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>the fly on the wall

>the fly on the wall has just learned something interesting. The new HS principle is coming to us from a school that was classified as as “in need of improvement, Year 1” for 2004-2005 by the IL State Board of Education. This means the school failed to make AYP (adequate yearly progress) for two consecutive years. Parents have the option to transfer their kids out of that school. Looks like they had a little trouble with the No child left behind. The BOE website states “Jack Lorenz is a professional high school administrator. He has gone through al the steps from teacher, assistant principal to principal in several different high school settings. He has the experience and expertise that RHS needs right now.”

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  1. >This was posted on today’s rps.eNews, the official electronic newsletter of Ridgewood’s Board of Education.

    So why wasn’t the Ridgewood Blog referenced as “Another Source for News?”

    News about Ridgewood schools can also be found now on a new
    website launched by North Jersey Media Group, parent company of the Ridgewood
    News. The site will allow users to post stories and pictures. The web
    address is

  2. >One hand washes the other…

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