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the fly ,”One Village One Vote” front for BOE?


…the fly has learned that the group “One Village One Vote” appears to be sanctioned by members of Ridgewood Board of Education and members of the Ridgewood Education Association and is purely an attempt to eliminate the school budget vote in Ridgewood . The fly has many friends in the Ridgewood Moms and Dads group and will continue to monitor the activities on the site for Ridgewood residents ….

7 thoughts on “the fly ,”One Village One Vote” front for BOE?

  1. Great job James.

  2. It’s the old RPDP (The Ridgewood Pro-District Party) from the math wars period, under another name. Large quantities of die-hard, reliable “yes” votes for the budget. Brain-numbed automatic supporters of, and voters for, District-approved puppet candidates for the office of Trustee on the Ridgewood District’s Board of Education.

  3. I think it is terrible that both are closed groups and that One Village One vote and Moms and Dads without free speech are run by the same person. How is that a democratic way to engage the village in a conversation?

  4. I don’t know anyone on the BOE, and I’m not familiar with an RPDP. I’m just a private concerned citizen who respectfully believes that we’re better served when we hold our local elections in November when there is a demonstrated history of significantly higher turnout. My opinions are my own, and not pushed by the BOE or REA.

    I know there are those who disagree, and I respect that. I’m willing to have a reasonable discussion of the issues if folks are willing to identify themselves (as I continue to do here) and chat like neighbors.

  5. Someday you’ll see the skeletons come out of the closet at the Board of Education building. You will be amazed how government and the Board of Education make the Mafia look like Boy Scouts.

  6. Look at what’s “common” behind these five names. Then follow the money. This has nothing to do with BOE. This is a bigger operation with deep pockets (same connections to last two council candidates .. who ran within a couple of years after moving to the town)..and same connections with the other guy who ran within a couple of years after moving here in 2008.
    This is a bigger Nexus.

  7. You mean delvechio and sedon for Assembly, Hache is in line if Josh wins…. Those connections? Yeah..

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