file photo by Boyd Loving

January 11,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, concerns mounts over S 3447, the (interscholastic) sports bill. The bill would allow massive consolidation in high school sports and create super all star school districts .

If you think this could put Ridgewood High school at a disadvantage , Please call Gov. Christie’s office today! Your courteous message can be as simple as this: “Please veto S 3447, the (interscholastic) sports bill.

Critics claim this bill will hurt small school districts, charter schools, and home schools. After it was mangled by hastily added last minute amendments, not even one Republican lawmaker supported it, not even Democratic Senator Paul Sarlo, and not even its GOP co-sponsor, Diane Allen. Not even the NJ high school sports association (NJSIAA) supports it as it creates big powerhouse teams at the expense of small schools. It was rushed through without thought to its unintended harmful consequences, and it should be VETOED by the Governor.”

If the staff member is hurried fielding calls about 100+ bills awaiting the Governor’s action before his tenure ends in 5 days, just say “Please VETO S3447 – the Sports Bill.” If a longer conversation develops, home schoolers may wish to check out the “Background” below from HSLDA and me. But, noting the diverse opposition, it very seriously affects far more than home schooler’s and should be VETOED!

If the phone is busy, keep calling. Husbands and wives count as separate voters; both should call! It is unnecessary to identify yourself other than as a concerned citizen/taxpayer.

Please pass this on quickly to others. Thank you for standing with us for freedom and liberty! And, similarly, when you end your phone call with the Governor’s Office, please offer your own loud and clear “Thank You.”