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The New Maple Field in Ridgewood is Ready for Action

photo Village of Ridgewood Mayor Susan Knudsen

June 17,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, yes we have to admit it ,the new Maple Park Field looks beautiful! The returfed field is ready for play with the newest natural “soil” coconut infill!

As promised in mid May by Councilmen Ramone Hache who said ,according to the vendor, the production and shipping of the new turf is on schedule. In the meantime, crews will be working on the leveling of the sub base and conducting tests to ensure proper drainage. The replacement should be completed by early June.

In September it was recognized by the council the Maple Park turf field is in need of a major update , the Village did apply to Bergen County Open Space funding for the 50/50 matching grant to replace the turf at Maple Field. The Village plans to use Bergen County Open space funds, Village open space funds and money from the capital budget . The decision has been made to replace the 12 year old field due to is heavy use and deteriorated condition.

At the time resident Boyd Loving asked if the Village expected to receive any money from the class action suite filed against the manufacturing over the fields not living up to their expected life span? Village Attorney Matt Rogers explained that there were on going talks with Field Turf to defray costs of a replacement field and will be made public when negotiations are concluded

7 thoughts on “The New Maple Field in Ridgewood is Ready for Action

  1. I’ll wager 20 bucks that a major flood will significantly damage this by the beginning of October.

  2. There’s drainage, and then there’s DRAINAGE. Being adjacent to such a feisty body of water probably trumps any drainage system for a turf field, however well devised. We’ll see how things go, though! Hopefully the infill pellets are not black as pitch, though, because that’s the turf feature that caused athletes to feel like they were playing in a microwave when the weather was very sunny and hot (produces additional radiative heating from beneath one’s feet!).

  3. 6:12, I was just thinking the same thing except without a time frame.

  4. classic case of other people’s money ..

  5. The infill appears to include shredded coconut shells mixed in with finely shredded black rubber.

  6. The infill appears to include coconut shells mixed in with pickle relish with finely shredded moozadell. So when junior comes home and smells like a tropical hunk of cheese, there you go. Money well spent I say.

  7. 5.26 BADA BING ..Bada BOOM !!

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