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The Push to Return Ridgewood School Board Election to April


July 12,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, while the Ridgewood Board of Education has turned a deaf ear to residents , the debate raged at the Village council meeting on Wednesday night.

An extremely impassioned Steven Kim said , “in order Ridgewood tax payers , to exercise their right to vote on the school budget , school board elections must be returned to April.”

The school budget of $110,000,000 is 2/3 of the Village of Ridgewood’s spending . Keeping School Board Elections in November takes away Ridgewood voters right to vote for or against the budget .

Others debated over the small cost of $25,000 to hold an election and worried over low voter turnout .

Saurabh Dani, pointed out that “Clifton voted 7-1 in favor of changing the election back to April. “

3 thoughts on “The Push to Return Ridgewood School Board Election to April

  1. Scammers on the BOE trying to push crazy budgets through filled with make work projects , and solutions looking for problems

  2. it cost more than 45 grand to drop a duce in this town

  3. I think we need to be able to vote on the budget again. Even though the vote didn’t do much in the past, it sends a message to these clowns that the tax payers are tapped out.

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