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The Real Music of Alexander Hamilton: Wine & Chocolate with Anne and Ridley Enslow

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River Edge NJ , Join Bergen County Historical Society for this October 28th event, “The Real Music of Alexander Hamilton. Wine & Chocolate with Anne and Ridley Enslow. By reservation, more info & PayPal on our website.

The Real Music of Alexander Hamilton,
A Fundraiser for Our New Museum
A Concert of Period Music by Anne and Ridley Enslow
Followed by a Reception of Wine and Chocolate Delicacies
Sunday Afternoon, October 28, 2018
Historic New Bridge Landing, River Edge

The life and times of Founding Father and first Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton has become a subject of fascination for twenty-first century Americans, and the Bergen County Historical Society is proud to present the story of his life in narrative and in the music of his day. What was the hymn he wrote that was published in a St. Croix newspaper? What was the last song he sang before his
fateful duel with Aaron Burr on the Weehawken Palisades? Join us and find out! Sit in the parlor of the Steuben House, where Colonel Hamilton served on Washington’s staff in 1780, and listen to the music and the stories that shaped his life.

Performances at 1:00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. will feature the melodic harmonies of Ridley and Anne Enslow, New Bridge favorites, playing the complex hammered dulcimer and a French violin crafted in 1776. In period dress and with authentic instruments, they will transport you to a musicale of Hamilton’s lifetime in the very house where Hamilton worked.
Afterward stroll down to the Black Horse Tavern in the Campbell-Christie House for an hour-long reception of dessert wines and tempting chocolate delicacies.
Speak to certified wine specialist John Eiel to have your wine questions answered, or take a peek in the cozy out-kitchen to step back into Hamilton’s century.
Reservations are required: $50 BCHS Members, $60 Non-members. Limited availability. All proceeds go to the support of the long-awaited and soon-to-be-built museum at New Bridge Landing. Help us put our new museum on a sound financial footing—Secretary Hamilton would approve.

Takes place Historic New Bridge Landing, 1209 Main St, River Edge, NJ, only 7 miles from the GWB and NYC.
Mail check to BCHS, PO Box55, River Edge, NJ 07661-0055. Specify time and contact info.
PayPal info on the Event page on Bergen County History webpage.

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  1. He actually wrote the first rap song. It went something like this: “I like…big…BONDS and I can not lie!”

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