file photo by Boyd Loving

Dear Friends,

After the September 16th Village Council meeting, everyone I spoke with said, “Well, it’s a done deal with the High Density Housing.” But then September 30th proved us different.

The point is, as Rocky Balboa once said, “It ain’t ’til it’s over.” To add to that: It’s only over if we don’t show up.

Tonight is probably the most important Village Council meeting in the history of Ridgewood. It is the night when it’s decided whether we live in a Village or a City.

No one can foresee the future, but one thing is for sure: coming tonight will send a strong message – not only to this outgoing Village Council majority, but also as a mandate to those who are running for election. Perhaps even more important is that we can say that we showed up when our Village needed us the most and did what we could to stop this madness.

Lastly, if it’s absolutely impossible for you to come,  The link to the broadcast can be found here:

(NOTE: this is an unofficial broadcast and can ONLY be viewed at the above link.)

Please share this link and forward this note to as many residents as you can.

Thank you for helping protect our most wonderful village. Hope to see you tonight.