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20181205 – Village Council Public Workshop Agenda
DECEMBER 5, 2018
7:30 P.M.

1. 7:30 pm – Call to Order – Mayor
2. Statement of Compliance with Open Public Meeting Act
Mayor: “Adequate notice of this meeting has been provided by a posting on the bulletin board in Village Hall, by mail to the Ridgewood News, The Record, and by submission to all persons entitled to same as provided by law of a schedule including the date and time of this meeting.”
3. Roll Call – Village Clerk
4. Flag Salute/Moment of Silence
5. Public Comments (Not to Exceed 3 Minutes per Person – 40 Minutes in Total)
6. Manager’s Report
7. Council Reports
8. Presentation
a. COAH Settlement Agreement

9. Discussion
a. Ridgewood Water
1. Award Sole Provider Contract – Geographic Information System
2. Award Contract – Tree Maintenance Services
3. Award Sole Provider Contract – Cold Water Meters
4. Award Change Order – Laboratory Analysis Services

b. Parking
1. Award Contract – Train Station Parking Expansion
2. Proposal for Commuter Parking in Hudson Street Parking Lot
3. EPIC Contract
c. Budget
1. Award Contract – Stationary Emergency Generator – Fire Department
2. Budget Transfers
3. Authorize 2019 Cash Management Plan
4. Adopt 2019 Temporary Budgets – Current Operations, Water & Parking
5. Cancel Grant Receivables
6. Cancel Water Utility Budget Appropriation
7. Cancel General Capital Ordinances
8. Award General Banking Services
9. Award Contract – Minute Preparation for 2019 Village Council Meetings

d. Policy
1. Continued Discussion – Reimagine Ridgewood Public Library
2. Parks and Recreation Fees – Memorial Trees, Benches and Adopt-A- Tree
3. Traffic Issues – Starbucks
4. Regulations and Fees for Temporary Storage Containers
5. Regulations and Fees for Temporary Banners
6. Historic Bus Station
7. Graydon Pool Membership
8. Athletic Fields and Recreational Facilities Use Policy
9. Accept Donation of Bench and Garden at Irene Habernickel Family Park

e. Operations
1. Approval of HUD Community Block Grant Agreement – Tables for Senior Center
2. Endorse Application for Community Development Block Grant – Family Promise
3. Endorse Application for Community Development Block Grant – Ramp for Zabriskie-Schedler House
4. Technology Committee
5. Review of Schedler Property Timeline and Costs
6. Municipal Alliance Grant

10. Review of December 12, 2018 Public Meeting Agenda
11. Public Comments (Not to Exceed 5 Minutes per Person)
12. Closed Session
13. Adjournment


  1. The destruction of the train station walkways and greenery safe zones for pedestrians elders and children during summer
    is a crime . a scandal ..all for what mini coopers spaces and some money for the raised garage scandalous financial losses and cost overruns? answer .they don’t care taxpayers it’s their town..we just pay the taxes and train and parking fees ad nauseum

  2. What about motorcycle parking,

  3. A crime and a scandal? Really. Calm down. Have another drink. Or some legal marijuana.

  4. “greenery safe zones”
    Ha Ha … good one.

  5. It’s just flat out wrong to do away with the train station greenery for more concrete. The town needs more greenery not less. It does provide safety but also aesthetic benefits. Too bad the Historic Preservation Commission doesn’t stop the destruction of the green islands in the nick of time as they did that architecturally unique bus shelter.

  6. sounds like a lot of commenters don’t even use the TRAIN
    station every day and therfore don’t see the chaos when trains discharge in dark winter evenings ..

  7. did you notice when the pota potties sat there for a year ?

  8. There is always a reason to do away with wooded areas, green islands, areas of plant life and put commercial ventures in its place or what is thought to profit commercial ventures.

    What will profit mankind when all greenery is gone or nearly gone and the earth layeth in concrete? We shall soon see!

  9. no one uses it no one even knew it was there till it was need for parking

  10. “Using” open space, greenery, like you “use” a car is not the point. Greenery has lots of benefits, preventing floods, safety, wildlife habitats, oxygen, getting rid of carbon dioxide, stress relief by just looking at and more. But you know what James, most people agree with you. If you don’t “use” it like a car or utensil etc. why should it exist. And it won’t exist, it’s getting developed day by day.
    By the way didja read NYT Magazine this past Sunday, insects are becoming extinct. That’s good, right. They are just irritants; don’t have any good use.

  11. The Snarkters are out to reject efforts to get away with demolition of what we paid for big time. LEAVE THE TRAIN STATION ALONE

    NOT Perfect but adding small car stalls blows the whole investment away

    Look at cottage place lot Abandoned neglected and Trip fall hazard for all ages

    Put the mini coopers there in the short angle corners and charge them double for street view

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