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The Town Garage Property in Ridgewood Was last Sold in 2006

June 21,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, This property last sold for $1,265,000.00 on 2006-11-14See sales information for 120 Franklin Ave back to 2000.

The Deed for 120 Franklin Ave is filed with the County Clerk in Book 9229 on Page 333.

This property was assessed for $978,600.00. The land was assessed at $927,400.00 and the improvements to the property were assessed at $51,200.00.

120 Franklin Ave costs RIDGEWOOD 120 LLC $24,836.87 annually in taxes.

RIDGEWOOD 120 LLC is located at 100 DUTCH HILL RD STE 340 ORANGEBURG, NY10962

Town Garage ,A History of Ownership Transactions

9 thoughts on “The Town Garage Property in Ridgewood Was last Sold in 2006

  1. yes. the owner exists and can be sued for cleanup. Lets get on with it. The pollution from that site will obviously downhill into the tail from the gas station on the corner and to another former gas station site on the corner of Maple and Franklin. Going the other way you run from Stop and Shop (supermarkets always have refrigeration chemical pollution) right to down the hill to Kings and a dry cleaner before continuing to Vets and the creek. The whole path is probably polluted and will require millions to cleanup.

    Let the Town Garage developer take this one on the chin. File a cleanup action with the DEP and get on with it. The _worst_ thing we could do is end up with that huge potential liability for the Village. Let all those PRPs battle it out and re-mediate.

  2. I would much rather have the town buy it, remediate it, and use it in a practical way than to build that stupid garage! And it would cost less.

  3. I would much rather have the entity that purchased the property clean it up. Then the Village won’t be on the hook for spending that has no cap. Then the purchaser can develop the property. Happens this way every day all over the State.

  4. I agree with Brian above. He obviously knows a bit about how these carcinogenic substances leech into the ground and travel. The town should let the current owners deal with the clean up. It is an eyesore and a health hazard. Our tax dollars are already stretching. Let the current owners foot the bill for remediation and point fingers at each other. Lots of PRPs in this vicinity to share costs.

  5. The spineless council can’t even force Vagio to remove an illegal wall.
    Do you really think they will sue the owners of Town Garage to clean it up?
    What fantasy land do you live in? (Or are you just counting on the renowned Ridgewood “Tradition of Excellence” ??)

  6. Ridgewood you are a joke. From the Town Garage to the renovation of the train station to the garage to Graydon pond to the farmers market. The school system. Valley hospital. The roads. Schedler . It’s pathetic

  7. I’m pretty sure the owners attorney was dis-barred for crooked land deals. A real group of upright property owners.

  8. At least have the owners knock it down and clean up the property it looks like Harlem.

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