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The Village Council will interview the four companies who responded to the RFP for the Hudson Street parking garage

Hudson garage

file photo by Boyd Loving

February 14,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The Village Council will be interviewing the four companies who responded to the RFP for the Hudson Street parking garage on February 21, 2018, beginning at 7:00 p.m. This meeting will be held in the Sydney V. Stoldt, Jr. Court Room on the fourth floor of Village Hall, and will also be televised on the Public Access channel. Each company will summarize their proposals and will present their concept plan(s).

The deadline for the RFPs (Requests For Proposal) for the construction of the garage was January 19 at 10:00 am.  Seventeen potential bidders picked up packets in late 2017, and four submitted proposals.

These were the proposals received, listed from lowest to highest overall:

1. Pike Company Inc:

2. Terminal Construction Corp:
Version 3 – $10,100,000
Version 2 – $10,900,000
Version 1 – $11,480,000

3. Epic Management Inc:
$12,340,666 to $12,573,738

4. Prismatic Development Corp:

*compiled by Councilman Ramon M. Hache




18 thoughts on “The Village Council will interview the four companies who responded to the RFP for the Hudson Street parking garage

  1. The quote of the month after the cost of$23000. to the Village tax payers for the valet parking service.

    “I expected it,” Village Manager Heather Mailander

    Will this same quote be used when the parking garage fails?

  2. The parking garage will be an epic fail. And instead of just being a failure, we will be left with a hideous building.

  3. There’s a sucker born every minute and they all seem to serve on our Council.

  4. Hache who ran on a platform against a garage is now the biggest promoter. How many faces can someone have? This guy is in direct conflict of interest as he is a real estate agent in Ridgewood.

  5. What is it about the VC? Once you’re elected to it, you throw principles and fiscal responsibility out the window and think no one will notice? Were they not listening the last time that the garage was defeated?

  6. No garage. Sell the water co. Fix the streets and infrastructure

  7. Agree with 11:38 Fix Roadways and existing surface parking lots. Order dictionaries for the VC .Bookmark fiscal restraint and preventive maintenance . Trip and fall lawsuits will break us…

  8. Love the white Gunny Tower design for the mechanical room.a disgrace…

  9. The garage defeated was the one that many people felt was way too big for the footprint. Thats why the bonding went on the ballot a second time. A garage yes. THE garage no.

  10. If I had known that Mr. Hache would become a realtor while in office, I would not have supported his candidacy. Realtors and developers (and their attorneys and other employees) are the LAST people who should be making council, zoning board, and planning board decisions. It’s a disgrace.

  11. We should really find out and do a study see how much the Ridgewood water company is worth. Let’s see what Suez water company would pay us for it. It just may be worth it.

  12. I agree with 7:14. Mr. Hache is one gigantic conflict of interest now with anything to do with the downtown where he might be selling or renting living space or retail space.

  13. To be fair, (and maybe my memory is failing) I think Hache ran against the monstrous garage the spilled out on to the public roadway – not any garage ever. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  14. Yes – please do something about the roads in this town first – they are AWFUL. On any given day they are tearing them up and the patch job they do when finished is terrible – Ridgewood has the worst roads

  15. 12:22 Is spot on Roads even before winter were chopped liver..the few full pave out projects in town center were shamed into fixing those ..
    because they highlighted the gross neglect.Parking Garages.,what a krock..needed for june karaoke nites..
    let them eat cake management ..

  16. Horrible design..image is dishonest as scale of that small roadways is much smaller and this hulking structure will loom as a giant polluting monolith destroying the character of that cafe district..stick it over at walnut after you seize Town Garage if you must.Better yet pave the existing lots..Raised garage for Condos..? towns dirty laundry,,,

    Go visit Westwood NJ.Those surface lots were planned with professional
    outcome and good utililization in main shopping district there.CONDOS
    are the real reason for this expensive liability on taxpayers..forever till its torn down after the drug dealers move in.

  17. Is there any way to take an actual poll of residents and see if the majority of residents still want a garage? After all the thinking time between the original vote on yes/no for garage and the bond election to not have a monstrosity there, a lot of residents have apparently re-considered their original decision and a lot of new residents are now also opposed. Assuming no changes in village desires in such a long period is really an unsatisfactory way to decide to still build a garage.

    Set up a question on the village or council website and ask the people whether they still want it or not. The ones who will vote will be the ones truly interested and you’ll see what the citizens feel currently about the garage. All I’ve been hearing and reading is heavily negative. Most people assume that, since the Condo builders don’t want to have to include adequate parking, the village is graciously bowing down and creating extra space for them. The space will be rented at a price much below market value to make the builders be able to guarantee their buyers “that there is plenty of reasonable parking available”. An additional comment, voters must be counted only once to prevent loading the ballot. Names must be provided as well as addresses.

  18. 5:05-Yes there IS a way to poll the residents. The VC can put a question on the May ballot. Do you wish to see a parking garage at Hudson street or do you not? come on, VC…..put the question out there, plain and simple, yes or no. Do it, please!!!

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