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The Village has Begun Enforcing “No left Turns” Into and Out of the Starbucks

photo by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The Village has begun enforcing a recently passed local ordinance that prohibits left turns into and out of the Starbucks drive through restaurant on Franklin Avenue. Traffic cones are now in place that effectively block left turns out of the facility. No word yet as to whether more cones will be deployed to prevent left turns into the facility.

10 thoughts on “The Village has Begun Enforcing “No left Turns” Into and Out of the Starbucks

  1. Great first step, next up would be enforcing no left turn out of the main lot at the high school.

  2. How about no left turn out in front of village hall. Maple av is very difficult to get out at times and is dangerous!

  3. This is a sign of market success. Have to hand it to the marketing types at Starbucks. They recognize a local need and bloody well filled it to within an inch of its life. Drop off the tots, now Starbucks I gots. And look at me–never left my SUV!

  4. Enforcing no U-turns in the CBD would be wonderful. Oh, and safer too.

  5. Stands to reason noone should attempt a left hand turn into Grande-Lattes-2-Go unless the line is short enough to accommodate an additional car without blocking traffic. Wouldn’t be prudent, as ’41 used to say!

  6. Why is it okay to make a left turn out of the TD Bank branch right next door to Starbucks, but not okay to make a left turn out of Starbucks?

  7. photo looks like the wicked witches house in the country .
    quite inventive conversion to the old drive up bank

    there doing so much business the bank might still be the cellar there ..fancy way to print money that starbucks widget..they are rolling In cash…good example of entrepreneurial approach .town mangers should take a class

  8. How ’bout Whole Foods Next!!!

  9. TD HAS THE LEFT TURN MOJO..closer to that crazy corner..

  10. On Saturday, traffic was stopped/sluggish from N Maple west to the train station. If Starbucks is a contributor to this kind of congestion, imagine what kind of traffic the Ken Smith build out and the Son of Garagezilla, et al, are going to do to the CBD traffic.

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