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The Village of Ridgewood Has Installed New Parking Kiosks on North Broad Street

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Ridgewood NJ, the Village has installed new parking kiosks on North Broad Street (on the Dunkin Donuts side), which use a touch screen.  We are hoping that this will make it easier for those parking to be able to pay at the kiosk, as it is more intuitive.   In the next couple of weeks, the kiosk on the train station side of North Broad Street will also have a touch screen.  

Below is a video of how to use the new touch screen kiosk.

The Village is also placing the video on the Village website.  

Questions and comments : Heather A. Mailander Village Manager/Village Clerk Village of Ridgewood 131 North Maple Ave. Ridgewood, NJ  07451 201-670-5500 ext. 203- Phone 201-652-7623 – Fax

3 thoughts on “The Village of Ridgewood Has Installed New Parking Kiosks on North Broad Street

  1. Rome was burning as Nero fiddled with his new chariot &
    oxen parking App as the Dung rose and consumed the whole city. VOR get over yourselves..start managing our costs and liabilities.

  2. Another place I won’t park.
    Keep reducing the consumer population… great for business.

  3. Above commentator states a pretty pertinent fact about our Village Council, as well as the BOE and the Library. They are so concerned with doing beautification and excessive spending, that they absolutely refuse to contemplate the actual needs and wants in our Village–soon to be City. IF it is a real NEED, it can’t be fixed without throwing literally millions of wasted dollars on it. Typical cases–Schedler house, circular stairs, and doing everything Lan Associates has suggested even though several much lower bids to fix needs only were offered. For instance, the Schedler house has no specified use–just “to save it!” Now its costs run over a million to restore plus another 90,000 to remediate. The final cost (if the house is even still savable as it is literally falling apart) will be over TWO MILLION DOLLARS. Yet, the citizens of Ridgewood have no control or input and only exist to “PAY FOR IT”. The high school field will be once again built with piles of highly toxic tire pieces instead of the healthy field over by Graydon. WHY WON’T THE POWERS THAT BE EVER LISTEN???

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