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The Village of Ridgewood Updates Recycling Pickup



March 21,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood Nj, the Village has issued a correction for it’s latest E-Notice , “As a correction to the previous E-Notice, pickup of recycling for Area 3 on Thursday, March 22nd and for Area 4 on Friday, March 23rd, will take place as scheduled, on those dates.”


The Parks and Street Departments began the collection of tree limbs and branches on March 19th, in Section A (using the leaf pickup schedule), and the volume was greater than expected. Given the fact that there will be another nor’easter tomorrow, the crews should be able to complete Section A by the end of the week, and might be able to move on to Section B. Pickup in Section B will resume next week, and once all streets in Section B have been picked up, the crews will then move on to Section C. Once all streets in Section C have been picked up, the crews will then move on to Section D. Please be patient, as our crews work to remove the many tree limbs and branches which fell during the March 7th storm.

As a reminder, the crews will remove the limbs and branches from every street in each section only once and after this pickup has taken place, there will be no additional pickups for these tree limbs and branches.


The bulk pickup, on the East Side, will take place on March 21st, and our crews will do their best to complete it, weather permitting. On March 22nd and March 23rd, all garbage cans must be brought to the end of your driveway (not in the street), for the safety of our Village employees. Backyard collection of garbage will resume on March 26th, weather permitting. Please remember that our crews will not resume backyard collection of garbage unless there is a clear path to the garbage cans. Therefore, if the path is not clear, please continue to bring your garbage cans to the end of your driveway in order to have it picked up.

3 thoughts on “The Village of Ridgewood Updates Recycling Pickup

  1. Anybody who loses more branches in today’s storm will be lucky to be in the latter groups so that those can be picked up as well as the previous ones. Seems a little unfair.

  2. the weather is unfair at times

  3. So funny to have people crying foul because of the weather. It’s like the people complaining about the snow day yesterday and delayed opening this morning. If the data breaches don’t kill Facebook scrolling through the same people complaining about every possible little thing will. Oh and 12:37, would it be more fair for you to get two pickups — TWICE the village services — of those that only get one pickup?? Who’s the lucky one then?

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