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There is chatter on Ridgewood Moms and Dads Facebook Group to “filter” out the dissidents

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the “Ridgewood Moms and Dads” a controversial Facebook group know for promoting an anti-free speech, far leftist agendas, virtue signalling , and promoting the destruction of the Village of Ridgewood thru high density housing , run by disciples of Paul Aronsohn is now looking to further subvert dissent in the Village by urging members to censor the “agitators “. “Agitators” is defined by anyone who disagrees with the group think leftist ,progressive agenda.

The group moderators are even promoting eliminating the Ridgewood School Budget Vote in an attempt to silence its critics and keep Village Tax payers in the dark as to the district $111000000 budget .

Rumors in recent years have swirled around the suspicion that many of the members have been promised below market rate rentals in the new high density housing that because of Paul Aronsohn will litter the Village central business district . These rumors though unsubstantiated, have come about due to the fact that it is often common practice for developers in the state of New Jersey.

Some critics of the groups claim its become a home for local bigots ,haters and a breeding ground for far leftist crazies that Ridgewood has become so well know for in the county .

69 thoughts on “There is chatter on Ridgewood Moms and Dads Facebook Group to “filter” out the dissidents

  1. “disciple of Aronsohn” strange context, like disciple of Christ or some great philosopher. Stupid and stupider, all you Facebook disciples. I’m done here. Dumber and dumber.

  2. “Filter” Really !

  3. Thank God that this blog does not “Filter” Can I still say God ?

  4. should we have said egregious ass kisser?

  5. “Agitators?” “Disruptive behavior?” Hmm. Slander, libel? Time to call my attorney.

  6. Exactly what is “the environment of our Village” this group of “agitators” is allegedly trying to disrupt?

  7. “Filter?” Hmm. Harassment, bodily harm, intimidation? All unlawful and worthy of a call to Ridgewood PD.

  8. So I suppose that making a public comment, at the designated time, during a BOE meeting is now considered to be “disruptive behavior?” The person who wrote this should really get a check up from the neck up. Seriously, the writer is borderline delusional.

  9. Do yourselves a favor, remove the Ridgewood Mom’s and Dad’s group, and join Ridgewood Mom’s and Dad’s With Free Speech. Unfiltered, uncensored, real. Get the real facts. You’re going to be surprised at how much you are missing.

  10. The tone of that Facebook post triggers thoughts in my head of how the Nazi regime must have conducted their operations. Wow.

  11. It’s really time for all of us to take responsibility for where we get our information. Anyone following “Ridgewood Moms and Dads” should know which group of residents is behind it. Same goes for this Blog, which I love and visit regularly, but you really have to decide which posts and comments hold water and which do not. Same would go for Fox News, CNN, Breitbart, Ridgewood Jolt, It Takes a Ridgewood Village, etc, etc. My favorite was “The Truth About Ridgewood” which disappeared the day after Aronson et al’s hand picked successors got their asses handed to them.

  12. Does anyone here remember James Bombace’s blog?

  13. Maybe the “filter volunteers” can buy Brown Shirts…

  14. Ridgewood Moms and Dad is an echo chamber, people are scared to dissent and of course there is no free speech, just to initiate the One Village One Vote, I was kicked off the page, with absolutely ‘No rule’ broken, Siobhan claims she he is vilified, well blocking people and kicking off people from pages who dissent with you even respectfully, calls for vilification.
    Now it looks like they want to extend their censorship to BOE meets and possibly VC meetings, well good luck with that, these FB posts are not going to deter anyone, Good Luck with this.
    Your attempt to muzzle free speech and to suppress dissent is not going to work, see you more at meetings now and looking forward to this ‘filtering’ in next meet

  15. Every FB page supporting RW bullies, edits, sensors and blocks people the town is fractured and our leaders don’t care and so it will continue to go down hill

  16. no just that page ,but nice try

  17. Generation Z gets worked up !

  18. Nice to see Councilman Voigt weighing in on Moms and Dads. He loves an echo chamber.

  19. anonygal are you a gal from elmsford?

  20. Jeanne Thiesen? Seriously? What is the matter with you? Is this what you teach your kids how to behave? BULLY

  21. Wanting to form a group to “filter” people? Isn’t Theisen a known member of Ridgewood Jolt that claims to defend democracy?

  22. Oh my god, the BULLIES on Moms and Dads are all worked up. Jan Phillips is quoting Martin Luther King. Roberta the ethics violater is hitting like faster than her little fingers can move. Jeffrey D. Voigt is reminding people that he is a councilman. Busy little bees over there in their echo chamber.

  23. You should read the rest of the thread. Supporters include people serving in positions that should be immediately removed.

  24. No one should support or be a part of Ridgewood Moms and Dads. I left that group long ago and joined Ridgewood Moms and Dads with FREE SPEECH, where members SPEAK WITHOUT CENSORSHIP and posts include proof and facts.

  25. Moms and Dads wants to have a cloud around themselves but in fact everyone can see everything they write.

  26. Winograd and company’s growing wave of censorship becomes increasingly more apparent.

  27. Stacey Ingraham Loscalzo you really are a moron. The BOE members do not reply to OPRA requests. That is done by a clerk. You are pretty uninformed for a know-it-all. Come down off your high throne and learn how things work.

  28. Talk about “disruptive behavior” – what about when Ms. Thiesen came to a council meeting on her high horse and basically accused everyone of being anti gay.

  29. Jeff Voigt is a councilmember? I had no idea.

  30. Janice Willett what a two-faced liar you are. You are the biggest agitator of all, at least when you are awake.

  31. I’m good with dissenting thoughts and discourse. Disagreements are healthy. Totally.

    Filtering… That’s very strong. Hope she didn’t mean it the way it sounds.

  32. James: Please post more screenshots from their Facebook page. It’s funnier than watching Saturday Night Live.

  33. lol lots more to come ……………………….

  34. RMD is good for finding guitar teacher’s and plumbers and such. Also great for food recommendations.

  35. The same people behind the “One Village One Vote” movement (which takes away resident’s right to vote on school budget), is starting a group to “filter” and stop opposing views. Sounds like a crew of brown nosers wanting to imbalance power and control.

  36. “Chatter” is giving them too much credit.

  37. Be very careful with your words, please. Including calling out and threatening people by name on this blog and posting information from a closed group.

  38. There is a striking difference between the commenters here and the people commenting on The Facebook Ridgewood Mom and Dads! They actually use their names with their comments, here, not so much. I wonder why that is……Hmmmm.

  39. David Addison – on the Moms and Dads facebook, they are all saying what they think everyone wants them to say. On the BLOG, the truth comes out. On Facebook, people fear that there could be retribution against them so they say what is popular. On the BLOG, the truth comes out. LONG LIVE THE BLOG. Thank you James Foytlin.

  40. David Addison is not a property owner in Ridgewood, nor anywhere in Bergen County. And he is not a member of the UNCENSORED Ridgewood Moms and Dads with FREE SPEECH or It takes a Ridgewood Village. Sounds like a fake name to me.

  41. David Addison – There is a striking difference that you are able to comment here but I have been blocked by Siobhan from Ridgewood Moms and dads, I wonder why that is….hmmm.

  42. Us and them, forever
    It’s a sad time in RW
    Bully’s, censorship everywhere
    Qualified candidates no more
    People leave, New will come
    In the mean time…
    Don’t throw stones
    Look both ways
    Be kind to you village, positive
    Try it

  43. “RMD is good for finding guitar teacher’s and plumbers and such. Also great for food recommendations.”

    Really? Or just the restaurants, guitar teachers, and plumbers that Winograd likes?

  44. David Addison – one of the Moms and Dads members with a pseudonym

  45. “Be very careful with your words, please. Including calling out and threatening people by name on this blog and posting information from a closed group.”

    WHAT? Are you for real? No one is threatening here. On Moms and Dads Jean Thiesen is threatening to “FILTER” these people.

  46. James is NOT A PROPERTY OWNER EITHER. Can I say that again? James IS NOT A PROPERTY OWNER!

  47. Ridgewood Mom and Dads! They actually use their names with their comments, here, not so much. I wonder why that is……

    Oh oh oh oh 🕺….Mr Kotter 👨🏻‍⚖️ I know the answer oh oh oh

    👨🏻‍⚖️ Ok Arnold why is that ?

    🕺 cause they are all a bunch of cowards on the blog.

  48. Try seeing if James Foytlin is a property owner in Ridgewood, or anywhere in Bergen County. There is a thing called Renters, I guess you forgot about that…..

  49. James Foytlin does own property, you just don’t know how to perform a proper tax records search.

  50. Unlike The Blog, Facebook doesn’t allow anonymous members because they use and resell your persobal data and interests.

  51. Does it really matter what name is attached to the comment? The Blog levels the playing field. Identities are cut off and EGOS have nothing to feed off of.

  52. Arnold Horshack – pretty ironic. You are criticizing people for being anonymous cowards, yet you have taken the name of a sitcom character instead of using your own name.

  53. There is a shortage of tissues because reportedly Siobhan cannot stop crying.

  54. Amy Williamson Zamboldi, who on FB openly defends the policy of PAYING FOR GRADES. Now she is going to donate time to filter people out before they can approach the Board of Ed. Wow, what a fine example all these people are setting for their children.

  55. James. it looks like you have stirred up a hornet’s nest. Individuals rarely post their name on the blog, because many people will attack what they say without even considering what it was. As you can see above. If one doesn’t post his/her name, people may actually read and think about what they said. Readers can still attack, as they do, but it at least is a reaction to the comment, not the name.

  56. How’s your weekend starting out Siobhan? Perhaps you can work on a video for the next council meeting in which you teach all of us how to be honest, fair, nondiscriminatory, concerned about all points of view. You can round up everyone who does not agree with you and put them behind barbed wire. You and thiesen and loscalzo can watch over the troublemakers to be sure they don’t voice any opinions while your video plays. Voigt can strut around reminding everyone that he is a councilman.

  57. The Ridgewood Blog + Anonymous Commenter = A Coward!

    The math is sound and irrefutable!!

  58. nothing more ridiculous than an anonymous post criticizing anonymous posts and calling themselves a coward as you said the math is irrefutable

  59. James, What are you talking about, I gave my name, apparently you can’t read.

    Arnold Horshack

  60. freedom of speech is the only way.

  61. Jan Phillips, let us pray.

  62. .

  63. Arnold Horshack must be Jeff Voight. There are lots of similarities between the wannabe Councilman and the doppy sitcom character.

  64. No one has to deal with or fuel the BS of Ridgewood Moms and Dads.

    Top Alternatives
    1) Ridgewood Moms and Dads with Free Speech
    2) It Takes a Ridgewood Village

  65. David Addison – on the Moms and Dads facebook, they are all saying what they think everyone wants them to say. On the BLOG, the truth comes out.

    What a load of Horse crap! The only thing that gets accomplished here by anonymous commenters is they can say anything they want (which they would never say in person or associated with their name) and not expose themselves as hate mongering bigots.

  66. Addison is the Village peeping tom

  67. A bunch of facist wannabes

  68. Ignore the fake creepy stalkers

  69. Wow pj your spies are every where

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