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Things to Consider Creating the Best Garden in Ridgewood

August 8,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, A beautiful garden always attracts attention and is a source of pride for the owners. However, to create it this way, it’s not enough just to plant “something”, cut this with a powerful electric lawn mower and wait until it becomes beautiful. You need to competently approach to planning your garden in Ridgewood, NJ.

Take Climate into Account
When deciding on the creation of the best garden, keep in mind that there is a moderate climate in Ridgewood, NJ. Moderate climate, fairly humid, with a mild summer, mild winters, long warm in spring and autumn, provides an opportunity for favorable growth and development of a huge number of plants. The garden of temperate climate is characterized by the use of deciduous broad-leaved trees and shrubs in combination with herbaceous flowering plants.

Trees and Flowers to Choose
The main accent in the compositions of such a garden is made on the diversity of color and structure of foliage, on the combination of various forms of trees, ornamental shrubs and herbaceous perennials.
Such trees as maples, chestnuts, ash trees, mountain ash, hazel, barberry, hydrangea, varieties of spirea, buddleias, junipers, and from herbaceous perennials – hosts, ferns, polyanthus roses, primroses, dicentra, bells, astilbe will look good in your garden.

What to Avoid
When creating a garden in Ridgewood, NJ, avoid bright, contrasting combinations of yellow, red and blue. For the garden of a local climate, the prudish British restraint, the use of more tranquil, close-to-natural colors or a monochrome scale is more suitable.The main color of this garden should be green with all its shades. As you can see, very much of the traditional European plant set is quite suitable for the middle band. Although the selection of plants for winter hardiness should be more stringent and care – more thorough.

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