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Those who are so vehemently opposed to Graydon as a swimming facility are hysteria-inducing alarmists

Regarding whether Graydon Pool is a swimming facility: it most definitely is! No, it is not sterilized with tons of chlorine or bromine each day, as concrete pools are, and in many ways that may make it better all around for a human body. Why in the world do people think that submerging oneself in water that has been heavily treated with chemicals is “safe?” Yes, of course there are some microbes in Graydon, but the water is tested regularly to ascertain that safe conditions are in place. From what I understand, the water is aerated with diffusers and treated with natural chemicals, making it cleaner than a sedentary lake. Moreover, the natural flow of water from the brook keeps it moving, which keeps the microbe levels lower.

Those who are so vehemently opposed to Graydon as a swimming facility are hysteria-inducing alarmists. For heaven’s sake, such municipal swimming facilities are in use throughout the world. I am a clinical microbiologist and I have never, ever had a concern about swimming in Graydon; we swam in it for many summers when our daughter was growing up in the 1980’s and 1990’s, and now we have the great pleasure of enjoying it once again with our granddaughter. Not once has anyone in my family developed an infection that could have been attributed to swimming in Graydon. Graydon is a lovely placed to spend a summer day; please leave it as is.

Regarding the loss of money, enough already! How much money is spent on electricity to light the sports fields? Every single time a game is played under the lights the Village is “losing” money. I am sure there would be an unbelievable uproar if the Village started charging a fee to those who play the games and those who watch them. Which brings me to my point: why does Graydon have to turn a profit? Indeed, why does it even have to “break even?”

Regarding candidate Hauck’s Monday night quote: “I want to state emphatically for the record that I want to make no changes to Graydon Park. And I’m not interested in building another swimming pool in Ridgewood because we don’t have the funds right now.” This COMPLETELY CONTRADICTS what she stated in her February 21 interview with The Patch, when she said: “ . . . another village-owned clear-water pool would be a nice asset to Ridgewood. A lake is no longer acceptable to people. People want clear-bottom pools. And Graydon is not a clear-bottom pool.” For those voters who wish to preserve Graydon, I would recommend against Ms. Hauck. For those voters who wish to elect candidates who are consistent in their positions on important issues facing the Council, I would recommend against a candidate who cannot even agree with herself.