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Three vehicles have been stolen from residential driveways since October 31st in Glen Rock

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November 13,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Glen Rock NJ, Three vehicles have been stolen from residential driveways since October 31st. In each case the vehicles were unlocked and the key fobs were in the vehicles, making detection extremely difficult as no forced entry was involved. Two of the three vehicles have been recovered in Newark. A vehicle stolen this morning also had a credit card in it that was used at a fast food restaurant in Irvington. Surrounding towns have also been experiencing a rash of stolen vehicles overnight from driveways, in all of these cases key fobs were left inside unlocked vehicle.

In Glen Rock, the stolen vehicles include a 2016 Lexus GC from Windham Place on October 31st, a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee from Yardley Court on November 7th and 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee from Highland Road on November 13th. Detectives are investigating a limited number of leads, including video surveillance from a resident whose vehicles were locked and therefore not taken:

Any residents or business owners with video surveillance systems are asked to check overnight activity for any persons who may have entered their driveways or yards in a similar manner. Detectives are interested in viewing any of these images as the investigation progresses. Those with video surveillance are asked to contact Det. Jim Calaski at (201) 670-3948 or Det. Mike Trover at (201) 670-3947.

All motorist and residents are reminded that there is no place, including your driveway, where it is safe to leave a vehicle with the keys or key fob inside. Lock your vehicle and take the keys with you at all times. Do not leave valuables in plain sight.

10 thoughts on “Three vehicles have been stolen from residential driveways since October 31st in Glen Rock

  1. Can’t fix stupid.

  2. agree on the “can’t
    fix stupid comment”.
    However I wonder if all the towns have “no overnight parking” regs which are strictly enforced and “patrol cars” patrolling the logical routes to highway escapes? Also based on the attire for this “Ring” camera overnight car thief, “suspects” should be properly profiled. Notice anything unique about the dayglo ninja attire? Any abandoned bicycles found in the areas? Or are they dropped off by a “getaway” car/driver? Are there any common delivery, lawn or permitted “solicitors” to the addresses/areas where the cars have been
    taken from? hmmmm see something- say something folks!!!!

  3. I wonder what the police will say when locked vehicles start getting stolen. I guess the next warning will be to lock the card inside the garage. It would be nice if once in a while a thief was caught and made example for others. It can only gets worse if no one is punished. Paterson is right around the corner. In fact I am surprised that this wave of burglaries has only started the last couple of years.

  4. You should always lock the car (whether inside or outside the garage) – make it a matter of habit.
    Do not distinguish when it is OK to lock or unlock your car doors (in a garage, in your driveway, in the CBD, at the mall in NYC, in a Ginormous Garage, etc, etc, etc.) If you ALWAYS do it then you will never “forget” to lock it when you should.

  5. No sympathy for those stupid enough to leave keys in the car.

  6. 1:59 – No one wants your sympathy. Insurance will pay for the stolen car.

    Meanwhile, you are ignoring crime in your neighborhood with the attitude of “It can never happen to me.”

    Good luck.

  7. from past experience I Had the best security system in my car always had a lot and he still stal had the best security system in my car always had a lot and he still stole It . If They want it their gonna get it

  8. That’s why have my BB gun ready shooting right in the ass

  9. 11:01 made excellent points.
    Overnight parking prohibition is useless without enforcement,
    Illegal solicitors Need to be reported and fined
    Northjersey new paper “record” continues to litter driveways and residents who go away and stop their mail etc come back to find to these shit heads advertise to burglars that nobody is home.
    Leave outside lights on
    Get a security system before you get robbed -your insurance co will discount your policy by 20%
    If you see some thing say something

  10. 12:17, I could not agree more. Yet I have had a tough road persuading friends to do the same. More is involved than car theft. Someone can hide in the back seat in the dark. Young female drivers in particular should be firmly instructed for their own safety to lock the car literally every time they leave it and some of the time when they are in it. This includes stops at the grocery store and the library. As you say, it becomes a habit, maybe annoying, like seat belts, but you get used to it.

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