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Tick Tock regulars say ex-manager’s guilty plea won’t hurt diner


Tick Tock regulars say ex-manager’s guilty plea won’t hurt diner

JULY 14, 2014, 6:49 PM    LAST UPDATED: MONDAY, JULY 14, 2014, 11:27 PM

It has hosted governors and members of Congress, and even a president’s daughter. A neon beacon luring hungry motorists and regulars day and night, the Tick Tock Diner in Clifton somehow stands apart even in a state where diners are treasured not as kitsch, but as culture.

It’s also where a disgruntled manager mulled a plot to kill his boss with a couple of newfound pals. Georgios Spyropoulos, 47, the diner’s former manager, reversed an earlier not-guilty plea to admit in a Paterson courtroom that he had orchestrated the ill-fated plot to rob |and kill his boss, who also is his wife’s ­uncle.

As the news of his guilty plea spread on Monday, longtime Tick Tock patrons said not even a lurid murder plot could tarnish their beloved diner.

“There are bad people everywhere,” said Rodney Cauthen, 42, of Bloomfield. “If you don’t go to a place because of their management, you’d have to cross a lot of places off your list.”

Cauthen said that it’s all sad, of course, but he’s gratified that the former manager confessed.

He said the Tick Tock’s food and atmosphere are the draw that makes him a regular.

“Of the few diners my wife and I go to, this one is definitely one of our favorites,” Cauthen said.

Todd Knowlden, a 46-year-old East Rutherford man who was entering the diner with his family, said he believed justice was being served when he heard of the plea.

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