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Timeline for Hudson Street Parking Garage in Ridgewood

May 24,2018
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, at Wednesday night council meeting the Village Council introduced Ordinance #3649 ,which is the Redevelopment Plan for Block 3809, Lots 12 & 13 – Hudson Street Parking Lot – Establishes a Redevelopment Plan for Block 3809, Lots 12 & 13, also known as the Hudson Street Parking Lot.

Timeline for Hudson Street Parking Garage:
June 5th Planning Board Curtesy Review
June 11th Open House for the Public 7-8
June 13th Public Hearing for adaption
June 14th Curtesy Historic Preservation Review
July 1st introduce bond ordnance
July 18th hearing for bond adaption for the bond for the Hudson Street Garage
August 8th award the contract to Epic Management to build the garage

7 thoughts on “Timeline for Hudson Street Parking Garage in Ridgewood

  1. Sounds like a done deal without the right evaluations. Sounds like a yes for development. Sounds like residents are being forced to pay $10m
    Just like BOE increase.

  2. It’s a done deal. The first step and opening gates for all the major changes coming to RW.

  3. Many citizens in Ridgewood still do not want this garage. Maybe our Mayor should read the Blog so she can see that there a lot of people against it. It’s been several years since the vote for the garage was taken. A lot of people don’t want it. And a lot of people would accept 2 parking decks in different areas in Ridgewood. In fact, the newsletter by Paul Aronson when he was mayor in 1912 clearly shows that even he would prefer 2 decks. Why are we being forced to subsidize a garage that the main people who want it are the developers of all those new apartments? And business owners who have property near it and (mistakenly?) feel that is the only way they are going to increase their business. Will there be free parking on Sundays for the people who used to park in that lot for church?

  4. We don’t want it – we don’t need it – – its an albatross we are willingly tying around our necks

  5. This will be the biggest financial boondoggle in history. It will make the Village Hall renovation fiasco seem minuscule by comparison. Just you wait and see.

  6. The garage has always been a solution in search of a problem.

  7. Yes yes yes the biggest boonfraggle IN ALL OF MAN KIND.
    Get a grip people.
    What’s new here?
    This shit has been going on for years…BOE budget, police FD Municipal salary and outrageous pensions and now your all bent out of shape?
    Ridgewood, VH and the scam that it is has been designed very carefully over the years whilst you suckers wax poetically about the fine schools and the quaintness of Ridgewood. Fine. We like it that way to. You Ridgewood Bettie’s keep taking your Xanax and drive your battle wagons with junior all over town while dad rapes and pillages on Wall Street. As long as the cash keeps coming while we screw you at they assessors office we dont give a rats ass. The worst part is all the sudden this process is new to you? Really? The powers that be have a well laid out plan that greases the skids quite nicely and none of you are going to change the process…its way to late for that. So it’s really very simple…do as your told, continue with your self centered accent within the social pecking order that you describe as your life in Ridgewood and PAY YOUR TAXES and keep the questions to a bare minimum. That is all. Go about your business.

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