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Toll Brothers Runoff Alleged to Have Contaminated Drinking Water in Saddle River Valley

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Upper Saddle River NJ, PLEASANT BROOK made the news again today. Scott Fallon from The Record published photo of Pleasant Brook taken by GreenUSR community volunteer Derek Michalski. Pleasant Brook is under constant assault by giant construction company Toll Brothers that decided to dewater 100 plus acres of construction desert in the middle of the town by pumping dirty muddy water called “colloidal clay” directly into the brook that divides 19 Meadowbrook Rd and 1 Lake Street in Upper Saddle River. These two mega construction projects are being developed by Toll Brothers. Between those two sites 150 acres of land will be dewater over the course of next 2-5 years. According to renowned environmental lawyer and ground water pollution expert from Boston, Matt Pawa who visited the area last month approximately 200 families in the corridor of Pleasant Brook are at potential health risk.

Recently District Director Catherine Best, a U.S. House of Representative, contacted local resident and GreenUSR volunteer Derek Michalski on behalf of Congressman Josh Gottheimer and requested more information regarding this ongoing pollution. Since arsenic water pollution is a serious matter, the congressman seems to be genuinely interested in this small body of water called Pleasant Brook and its implications on the local Bergen County aquifer. In the recent months, the congressman was very vocal regarding lead pollution disovered by another large corporation, Suez, in some of its water pipes in the area. Additionally, Suez has two wells located in Upper Saddle River which only adds to the community anxiety. But Derek Michalski states: if you think only lead is bad for you think twice. If you think the latest warning coming from the office of our congressman about increased levels of lead in some of our public drinking water lines is alarming just imagine what the combination of arsenic and lead can do to infants, young children, adults and our senior citizens who drink water from contaminated wells in Bergen County. I believe it’s time for Congressman Gottheimer and other county and state politicians to demand townwide well water testing in Saddle River Valley. The Suez contamination episode from last month should be a clear warning sign that not only in cash strapped Flint Michigan is the public at risk but also in one of the most affluent zip codes in America 07458 the danger of digesting well water contaminated with lead or even worse arsenic by its residents is real. As a homeowner of a contaminated well, I publicly ask Congressman Josh Gothheimer to extend his inquiry beyond lead pollution and focus on both LEAD & ARSENIC pollution! Residents of Mahwah, Ramsey, Upper and Saddle River have waited enough and, now, since their wells are showing increased level of arsenic every day is crucial. My well is already contaminated with arsenic, added Derek Michalski and although I don’t have children we have hundreds of other families with children and I am fighting now for them and their future health.

6 thoughts on “Toll Brothers Runoff Alleged to Have Contaminated Drinking Water in Saddle River Valley

  1. This is outrageous …VOR this is what’s ahead for our overdevelopment “Partners” and local cronies sell outs..

  2. Why should we pay a rain tax when a company like Toll Brothers is permitted to do this with the blessings of the DEP…yet another reason people are moving out of New Jersey at an extreme rate. Mr. Murphy keep taxing us and see how many more flee under your watch…..Rain Tax..WTF

  3. Air tax next

    Nanny state in force

    Do you see all the early for sale signs…? its not even middle february …

  4. This state is done. Get the hell out while you can . Can you imagine another five years .

  5. Murphy is in fierce competition with California. He won’t stop at anything trying to outdo CA. Total insanity that will soon ruin everybody property and quality of life. On one hand he taxes the rain on the other Toll Brothers and any other rich company can do as they wish with the environment. And YET he will be reelected. The brainless voters in NJ outnumber those with a minimal level of wisdom.

  6. Yes I see all the signs, Junta saw your house and get the hell out of the state now poo yes I see all the signs, Move down south. This town is so overrated and it’s getting to be ridiculous. Can you imagine another 10 years’

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