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Top Places to Eat in Ridgewood

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Traveling is a lot about discovering and the novelties that come with it are the very reason many of us embark on adventures around the globe. If you’re an avid traveler and explorer and you’re also a bit of a foodie interested in visiting Ridgewood, NJ, here are a few places to consider when meal time comes. 

Whether you want to try local foods or have an Asian, Mexican, or French culinary experience, worry not as there is a diversity of restaurants to try. 

Local cuisine

Traveling to a foreign country or even to another town in your country is not complete if you don’t try local dishes. There is something in this experience that will tell you things about the locals, their personality, and the history of the place no book will ever manage to tell you. 

When it comes to Ridgewood, enjoying such sensorial endeavors is part of the great things you can do when visiting the place. You will find places where you can try the local flavors and do so even if you’re a vegetarian or a vegan. 

Some of the most popular and highly-rated places where you can eat local dishes include Raymond’s, Cravings Tapas Bistro, Cafe 37,Sakura-Bana or Mediterraneo in case you want something lighter.  

International cuisine

One of the great things about visiting Ridgewood is that you can try various culinary experiences and cover different preferences. If you’re more into Asian cuisine, rest assured that you will find a place where you can have some memorable dumplings, sesame chicken, or sushi. 

Restaurants such as Dim Sum Dynasty, Bamboo House, and Truly Sichuan Restaurant offer such Asian foods and you will easily find dishes to suit a vegetarian diet. Some of them offer parking nearby and even food delivery services in case you’re too tired to go out. 

If you don’t want to limit your culinary adventure only to the Asian cuisine, you can also try European dishes such as the Spanish ones at El CID Restaurant. Although it is a few miles away from Ridgewood, it is worth trying if you’re into seafood yet you don’t have enough time to prepare seafood dishes at home or your ultralight casting rods didn’t get you the catch you wanted. 

Fine dining

To further enhance your culinary adventure, Ridgewood also shelters a few restaurants that deliver a fine dining experience many tourists and locals have appreciated. La Lanterna is where you can flavor your travel with Italian dishes such as traditional pasta whereas Latour will help you spice up special occasions with attentively and skillfully prepared French dishes. 

In case you feel like trying Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods, Brasserie de Novo is worth adding to your list of options. You can enjoy a variety of tastes and dishes from rich creamy hummus to fish tacos and mussels. 

…and when you’re on a budget

Even if you’ve spent a lot on other things to do when visiting New Jersey and Ridgewood, you can always find restaurants where you can have good food at decent prices. Explore the Korean cuisine at Tofu Stew House and you won’t just get the chance to enjoy delicious dishes but you will do so without breaking the budget.

In case you’re a ramen buff, you can try Tori Ramen Chicken for such dishes. Pizza lovers will also find places where they can have different types of pizza. Although a couple of miles away from Ridgewood, Francesca Brick Oven Pizza & Pasta and John’s Boy Pizzeria are worth trying if you want to diversify your culinary experience with some appetizing pizzas and pasta. 

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