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Tractor Trailer Stuck on the Glenwood Road

photos courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook page

May 17,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ho Ho Kus NJ, Numerous summonses were issued to the driver and registered owner of a tractor trailer that got stuck on the Glenwood Road, Ridgewood hill leading up from the Ho-Ho-Kus train station on Wednesday afternoon, 05/16. Police officers from Ho-Ho-Kus Police, Ridgewood Police, and NJ Transit Police were dispatched to the incident. The truck was finally freed from its predicament when a heavy duty tow truck winched it up the hill. Motor vehicle traffic was rerouted until the roadway was clear.

10 thoughts on “Tractor Trailer Stuck on the Glenwood Road

  1. Ha ha I love it, when are they going to learn to make that one way. No crocs whatsoever should be on that road. My god this shits been going on for extremely long time. I blame both towns for not stopping this when they can. Someone needs to get a set of balls and stop warring about the complaints from the people that use that road too damn bad this is about safety and safety only. End of the story. And don’t come back with some kind of bullshit stories..

  2. This road should be shut down completely should be used for moment she vehicles only and pedestrians. Nothing else it’s not even a road.It was made for horse and buggy.

  3. Must have been serious to get the NJ Transit Police involved. Does this mean another round of calls seeking donations to the NJ Transit Police.

  4. Why not set some height barriers on both sides so trucks and buses cannot make it through to begin with?

  5. This must stop . Over and over this happens. Drivers are so stupid.

  6. The street signs are not working.

  7. 2:14 pm, because their is no “resident group” supporting Knudsen Sedon from this side of the town.

  8. It’s not just the height sometimes it still the length and width

  9. @7:06….. That’s what she said

  10. Shut it down. It’s not safe I seen school buses on that road.

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