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Transit Police Security Tower at Ridgewood Train Station

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, NJ Transit police have erected a scissor tower at the Ridgewood Train Station parking lot . Some commuters  have suggested a set up for political press conference or perhaps a routine holiday security check ?


24 thoughts on “Transit Police Security Tower at Ridgewood Train Station

  1. Santa con?

  2. Hey Village council – – you are really doing a nice job maintaining the charm of the Village.
    Between the wild construction, parking garages built to satisfy the whims of developers, restaurant owners and other oligarchs, the concrete slabs, VIP’s who are more equal than others, and now, the guard towers, it reminds me of Yugoslavia under Tito. Where are we putting the barbed wire?

  3. Wasted parking spaces. Are you on this Mr. Hache?

  4. Santacon is a charitable, non-commercial, non-political, nonsensical Santa Claus convention that happens once a year to spread absurdist joy.
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  5. Big toys for big boys !

  6. This would’ve helped with Tommy Boy….

  7. At least all the leaves on the streets give the place a country feel!

  8. I’m all for the extra security .

  9. The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office also has a trailer set up in the lot with 2 remote controlled video cameras mounted on it. So if you’ve got your hands in the pants of someone else’s husband as you get off the train (GWENN), it will be recorded on camera for everyone else to see.

  10. Holy shit this. Is getting real good. Maybe they can catch the person who is passing and shooting on the walls by the elevator

  11. Waste of resources.

  12. Why can’t this go in the former Ken Smith’s property, instead of taking up parking spaces at the Train Station?

  13. You never know when Carpetbaggin’ Josh wants to interlope in Ridgewood and needs surveillance when hanging with Great Wall Paul.

  14. GET USED TO THIS….It will be a PERMANENT fixture when the Ginormous Garage opens…

  15. Omg give it a rest garage people.
    It’s being built because there are others, many others in town who see the value in moving forward, not backwards.
    Please pack it up and move to Boca already.

  16. Omg give it a rest…
    Like that “argument” is going to change the fact that a GINORMOUS GARAGE (that we don’t need) will be a financial and criminal disaster.

  17. What’s next, MRAPs and tanks? Police state in Ridgewood. I’m sure the Council will declare martial law once the garage is built.

  18. You know what all kidding aside to Village of Ridgewood should purchase one or two with these definitely should be some sort of small police office in the CBD. Why not. OK Miss side the village on the old taxi stand building there’s a small office at the first floor on Broad Street that the police department can utilize and pork one or two cars right in the front for rapid response. Think about it

  19. Sanctuary state its coming

  20. Holy crap! That thing looks like a guard tower from Stalag 13.

  21. Hey, ‘OMG guy/gal’…it’s not the garage as much as it is the a) wrong location and b) being built for the wrong reason. We’re going to shoe-horn a ginormus building in a tiny area with one-ways and narrow streets? Dumb. Financially, it’s a disaster that’s being foisted on the Ridgewood taxpayer at the behest of the shopowners who want people to buy their crappy, overpriced items after walking 5 blocks. One only needs to see the big smile on the mayor’s face when he stood net to Josh at the tree lighting. Perfect photo op time to build his Democrat resume.

  22. wasted VIP fat cat top rated parking spaces lost to the NJT
    GUNNY TOWERS..requiem for the anti Santa -con..teens..

    where will all those suffering mini coopers be parked on a cold December morning..Perhaps up on the grassy knoll that are to be butchered for the hacks..It’s OUR MONEY BEING WASTED VC lets get that straight..such a proposal in real corporate arena would signal termination ahead..

    perhaps that’s what’s ahead..

  23. CBB : Liked the slippage on your note

    re Pork,,,

  24. First, the parking garage; next, the Jehovah’s witnesses loitering the parameters. Here is my conspiracy: we are entering what is most comparable to what was seen on Handmaids tale… we are all under surveillance, and as a woman, I have fear for what’s to come for our humble village. Will there be any saving grace for our town. What is this tower? Why are there four cameras and tinted windows? Why hasn’t anyone told us what it is for? Why do we need a parking garage when we also have the Mount Carmel parking? Why are Jehovah’s witnesses than ever? Is our country under attack without our knowledge… tbd.

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