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Trump Silences Critics in One Decisive Action

April 8,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, So much for the Trump Putin Alliance. Several months of nonstop accusations by the media and Democrats  that our President Donald Trump is colluding with Russian Leader Vladimir Putin came to crashing halt with last nights tomahawk missile attack on a Russian ally Syria.

Trumps decisive action came on the eve of a Sino-Trump sit down in Mar-a-Lago . Leaving the Chinese leader ,many Trump allies and most trump critics in disarray. In one move Trump sent a signal to North Korea, Iran , Russia and the Democrats.

The fact that Trump campaigned so strenuously against such actions makes it that much more significant.

Students of history will remember many a new presidents ,most notable John F Kennedy who were tested in the early part of their administration .

In one decisive stroke the president silenced not only critics of his leadership ,departed from the failed policies of the Obama administration , put an end to Russian collusion accusations, and mirrored  the action of what his former opponent Hillary Clinton had suggested just hours earlier .

Will the tomahawk missile attack on Syria lead to renewed entanglements in the middle east ,given Trumps campaign rhetoric  I have my doubts . More likely it will be akin to Reagan’s firing of 13,000 air traffic controllers in early August of 1981. Like Reagan it says this president means business .

5 thoughts on “Trump Silences Critics in One Decisive Action

  1. He is still a laughable failure.

    He changed his thoughts on Syria for one day. There has never been a Syrian policy to guide him. It is his “gut” again. His staff of outsiders is in disarray unpredictability is not a policy. .

    The only thing that silenced me was the fact that I responded to this post last night and the moderator chose not to post it.

  2. when it comes to national politics your post are meaningless DNC talking points, other comments you make on local issues are far more insightful

  3. 6:37 Sorry there is currently no known cure for Trump Derangement Syndrome. Symptoms may go away naturally in 4 to 8 years.

  4. You need to pace yourself 6:37.
    We are at Day 79.
    I’m concerned about your health.
    I’m not sure you are going to make it to day 2920.

  5. 11:31 He will be out of office before year end.

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