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Turf Town 2.0

photo by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, on April 29 meeting, the Ridgewood Board of Education voted to again install a rubber crumb based field turf at RHS Field Stadium . In the usual method the Board made its decision without open discussions with residents, vendors ,students  and healthcare and environmental professionals.Crumb Rubber fill is basically ground up car tires .

The Ridgewood Board of Education continues to ignore the potential health risks of “Crumb Rubber  ” both for the athletes using the fields , the down stream environmental contamination and the higher temperatures .

Maple Field which is also in a flood plain opted  for a more eco friendly design , using a coconut based fill .  .

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services , “Synthetic or artificial turf is a surface of man-made fibers and other components which are made to look like natural grass. Since the 1960’s when synthetic turf was introduced, the popularity has grown. Over 12,000 synthetic turf fields are in use within the United States today.

A standard synthetic turf field uses infill materials, such as “crumb rubber,” which is spread between the “grass” fibers to provide cushioning and traction. This crumb rubber consists of shredded rubber particles made from recycled automotive tires often mixed with sand. Crumb rubber from recycled tires contains numerous potential carcinogenic and toxic substances.

In recent years, the use of tire crumb rubber as part of the infill has led to larger public concern for potential health risks. As athletes and children dive and play on these surfaces, crumb rubber particles have been found to cling to:


This can lead to unintentionally inhaling, ingesting, and making skin contact with the crumb rubber or with chemicals that may leach out of it.”

Last night the RHS Stadium flooded once again delivering particles of crumb rubber down stream .  

10 thoughts on “Turf Town 2.0

  1. The toothpaste is out of the tube….

  2. This is ridiculous hand-wringing, there is no significant threat or danger from crumb rubber. Cars have been driving on our roads for billions and trillions of miles. Does nobody realize the obvious fact that tiny pieces and particles of tires are on our roads washing into gutters and streams every day?

    Oh, I forgot, let’s be “environmentalists” and for “safety of the kids”…… let’s choose the most expensive options we can find. Let’s go back to grass fields, we can hire an army of grounds crew to keep it playable, they can retire after 15 years of daily grass maintenance with environmentally acceptable methods only of course, on a full pension. …. no farting at games either (global warming you know).

  3. Bill, There are alternatives to crumb rubber and since you are not concerned about crumb rubber washing away into the streams and brooks abutting our fields which are in flood plains, there are other reasons including cooler surface temperatures for users of the fields , absorbs more water and a significantly lower hardness factor which makes the organic infill a better choice. A geofill turf product was recently installed at Maple Field with very positive feedback from all concerned. Why did the Bof E go with an inferior product?

  4. What is the cost difference?

  5. Bill is a moron!

    Bill thinks municipal employees retire after just 15 years of employment.

    Bill says someone with 15 years of employment can retire with a full pension.

    Don’t be “a moron” like Bill. Know what you write and post is true before you become a moron like Bill

  6. In the past couple of years, there have been loads of articles in the news about plastics, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, and other toxins getting into our bodies via the food chain. So the mayor and VC ban plastic bags but allow more rubber crumbs to wash into the HHK brook?

  7. I think I know who Bill is.

    He’s very smart….just ask him…

  8. What great drainage running to the brook. You should see a little black rubber pellets that I see in the park so stupid.

  9. It ends up on the property of nearby homes as well. The stuff is disgusting and dangerous.

  10. What a waste of damn money.

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