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Unlike Ridgewood This Meter Thief got Jail Time


Former NJ Parking Facility Manager Gets Prison Term For Theft

February 6, 2016 12:42 PM

TOMS RIVER, N.J. (AP) — The former manager of southern New Jersey park-and-ride facility is headed to prison for stealing nearly $150,000 over three years.

Ocean County prosecutors say Robert Pentz received a four-year sentence on Friday. The 41-year-old Toms River man had pleaded guilty to official misconduct last July.

Prosecutors say Pentz stole money from automatic teller machines he was supposed to be filling as part of his duties at the Toms River Parking Authority’s park-and-ride facility. The thefts were discovered during an audit in 2013, and investigators determined that Pentz took more than $146,640 overall.

15 thoughts on “Unlike Ridgewood This Meter Thief got Jail Time

  1. This man had a poor lawyer.

  2. Punishment for Tommy Boy signed off on by Roberta and VC.

  3. What then hell does that mean 7:55 ?

  4. maybe the new Bergen County Prosecutor can retry Tommy Boy or at least get him to flip

  5. The quality of his lawyer has nothing to do with it. Employee theft of this kind is routinely punished by jail time.

  6. It means jail time was an option they rejected.

  7. Matt Rogers felt that the only way to get Rica to repay was to let him work and make $$$$. I was shocked that he did not get jail time

  8. He didn’t get jail time because of a deal. The deal was that he would plead guilty and avoid a trial. Why did the prosecutor want to avoid a trial? Because it would have been highly embarrassing for the Village being that it would have revealed how the meter room cash was being used routinely for lunches and coffees by several other employees. This had been an unofficial perk for a long time.

  9. Rica stole over 10 times the amount of the guy in Toms River in only 2 years. It’s an outrage that he’s not in jail. This still smells funny.

  10. Is Rica actually paying the money back? Or was that a scam, too? Who are these “several other employees” 9:52? Have they been fired for theft of Village funds?

  11. What is embarrassing 9:52 is that Village employees thought it was their right to steal funds from the Village. Rica should have been prosecuted and thrown in jail. The Village should be more embarrassed about the fact that this theft made us a laughingstock, especially after he walked fee without even agreeing to full restitution and flipping on his fellow scum bags who betrayed the public trust… He should be retried

  12. Mike Rogers has more questions to answer, why is this guy making so much from the Village?

  13. Sometimes nothing is a real cool hand…

  14. other,s new, the boy,s club scam. what a joke. the manager did zip. tommy stole over a mill in coin’s. If that went to trial the dirt ,the shit, would of been thick. one other top dirty dog that still works in town know’s more on this. and he is just buying time to get out. and for rogers he is just a puppet.

    the village hates the press.

  15. Do tell, who are these scum bag “top dirty dogs”? Rica was a nobody, so how did he steal a million in quarters when he wasn’t even supposed to have access to that room? He must have had help, or this was a well organized mafia scam

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