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US News Best High Schools 2019 : Ridgewood High School Ranks 27th


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood High is now ranked 27th in NJ and 554th in the country in this influential survey… note there are lots of non-selective schools ahead of RHS in NJ’s top twenty-five, including Jersey City, Elizabeth, Princeton, Chatham, Millburn, West Windsor-Plainsboro, Ridge, Glen Ridge, Mountain Lakes, Summit, and Tenafly.

In other similar rankings RHS ranked #26, #32, and one where it wasn’t even top fifty in the state. I think we ranked 23rd for SAT scores statewide in a survey last year. Ridgewood only scores a 60.4/100 on the college readiness scale in this US News ranking.

The point is that, while rankings are subjective and only one component of evaluating our school leadership, the trend & overall message is clear: these rankings are unlikely to improve under the current BOE administration; they’ve been in secular decline for over a decade.

Real leadership dictates that tough decisions are made when it’s in the best interests of all stakeholders ie students and taxpayers .

Can you make any argument that Ridgewood parents and taxpayers (given 65% of our property taxes fund the schools) don’t deserve the best educators and administrators in the country given we pay amongst the highest wages and offer the best benefits in the entire country?  

Can you make any argument that prospective home buyers don’t look at school rankings when deciding where to live? The fact the “For Sale” signs grow like mushrooms at the end of every school year suggests they do.

3 thoughts on “US News Best High Schools 2019 : Ridgewood High School Ranks 27th

  1. The College readiness score is based on AP exam scores. Ridgewood students sign up for AP classes to pad their transcripts, but either don’t take the exam or don’t try on the exam because the schools they apply to generally aren’t accepting the AP credit. This is a reality of a flawed system, not an indictment of students.
    Can this be fixed? I don’t know. Parents?

  2. I really don’t think it is accurate to continue to let people claim : “they’ve been in secular decline for over a decade.” I have not seen anything that shows our students doing worse or trending down.
    Here RHS is ranked 15th and if ranked by test proficiency (ignoring touchy feely things) we are 3rd.
    So stop with the fake news.
    Rank School Test Proficiency
    #47 Glen Ridge High School 70.00%
    #3 Ridge High School 68.00%
    #15 Ridgewood High School 66.00%
    #7 John P. Stevens High School 63.00%
    #8 Montgomery High School 63.00%
    #20 Mahwah High School 61.50%
    #13 West Morris Mendham High School 61.00%
    #5 West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South 60.50%
    #1 Princeton High School 60.00%
    #12 Pascack Hills High School 59.50%

  3. Ooohhh… 27th.
    Lets dump another Billion $$$ into the school system.

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