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Valley Health System seeks Better Patient Data

Valley Hospital

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Valley Health System has selected an enterprise master patient index from NextGate to support automated medical record matching. With population health management supported with analytics becoming a top priority for many healthcare organizations, so is the need to collect data and clean it of duplicate information to better identify and manage patients across all settings of care.

That is the impetus for Valley Health System in Ridgewood, N.J., which has selected enterprise identification company NextGate as its vendor for records management, says Michael Burke, assistant vice president of information systems.

“Incomplete or inaccurate data in one’s health record can be detrimental to patient safety and a major barrier to providing highly-coordinated and individualized care,” he asserts. “Safe and effective care management hinges on the ability to view a holistic, real-time portrait of patients during every encounter. NextGate’s platform will play a significant role in our transformational journey toward improved data exchange, provider collaboration and operational efficiency for value-based care success.”

Valley , which serves 440,000 residents in northern New Jersey and southern New York using cleaner data to analyze and better understand the needs of patients with COPD, congestive heart failure and total joint replacement, and they’ll have the data to back up the level of quality given to patients and show it to insurers to get higher reimbursement.

One thought on “Valley Health System seeks Better Patient Data

  1. When doctor performs exam writing into internet every second , the doctor is not paying attention to you. Valley doctors are increasingly using internet during the exam. And patient time is cut short. No time for patient to question the doc.

    I know, it happened to me when my doc started to use internet during the exam when his practice was bought by Valley Med Group.

    I won’t see doctors who do that. Even if I have to go to top doc in NYC for an ordinary exam. Sorry, Valley my health comes first.

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