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Valley Hospital gets approval for $735M project in Paramus


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood, N.J.-based Valley Hospital received approval from the state planning committee June 6 to build a seven story, 362-bed replacement hospital, according to the North Jersey Record.

The new hospital, expected to be completed in 2023, will have single-patient rooms and a five-story parking garage. It will be in Paramus, N.J., about 2.5 miles from the hospital’s current location in Ridgewood.

Rezoning, building and equipping the new hospital is expected to cost $735 million.

18 thoughts on “Valley Hospital gets approval for $735M project in Paramus

  1. They would be finished this project by now had they just done the smart thing and started it in 2007. Instead they spent 10 years trying to cram it into Ridgewood and down our throats.

  2. Dirty little secret: Or is it a secret? No one talks about it.

    The Valley Hospital North Van Dien area is impossible to navigate(drive your car) because of activities going on at BF Middle School. Besides overwhelming traffic from parents dropping off and picking up kids on school days, you have overwhelming traffic from weekend activities at BF such as recent ballet recitals and sports events at BF where cars parked all over North Van Dien , making it life threatening to drive out of your drive-way; heavy dangerous traffic all day long Saturdays and Sundays. That is the real problem with the neighborhood.

  3. You people are going to be sorry down the road the number one Valley exit Ridgewood. By law they can let that building in Ridgewood sit empty for long time just put a big fence around it. Real good. There’s no law that they are going to keep the building open for a long time .yes maybe up to five years that’s it.They will not keep dumping money into the building. Not one they have 1 billion Dollar building in Paramus.Why would day. In Ridgewood is not getting any tax money on that building. They going to jam it up it’s ass down the road. You will see.

  4. We feel that trump is right. They should turn that hospital into a coo coo house.we need it bad . Way too many people walking the streets heavily medicated. This is not a good thing. This is an about the state and the federal government doesn’t want to spend the money . Can we say institution anymore. Remember one flew over the cuckoo’s nest. Well that’s what we need. It’s all about dirty politics and don’t come back with any kind of bullshit story because I now.

  5. Paramus doesn’t yet understand who they are dealing with…

  6. we will need more because of the high density housing

  7. They will turn that site into very low housing! The state will take over the site. You will see. Oh yeah . I’m gone sold my house.

  8. this town stinks more and more each day.

  9. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  10. Shut it down.

  11. NJ is a sanctuary state, that continues to chase out taxpayers, crime is exploding across the county and high density needs lots of firefighters

  12. Never quite understand people. Having a hospital in town is a positive in the ways that matter most, helping people that need care. If you don’t like living near a hospital don’t buy a house near a hospital. If you don’t like the noise of a busy road or lights of a ball field don’t buy a near them. Really selfish to buy a house, that has a cheaper price, near a facility and then complain about the facility.

    Valley will soon be gone and the location sold and developed to meet the state housing requirements. (This is part of the business justification for the new Paramus location). There is no also way to avoid it with current political admins. We complained about a hospital, and drove them out) just wait to what you can complain about soon.

  13. The hospital drove themselves out by being and extremely crappy neighbor , as for care , Valley is not a trauma center ,Hackensack is and the Paramus location is not very far from the current location

  14. nice try but usual you are wrong

  15. Lights at fields is a relatively new phenomenon. It used to be standard that moving near a field or school meant some noisy days but quiet nights, holidays, and summers, and no outdoor lighting. That was for the Mets and the Yankees.

  16. “Lights at fields is a relatively new phenomenon. It used to be standard that moving near a field or school meant some noisy days but quiet nights, holidays, and summers, and no outdoor lighting. That was for the Mets and the Yankees.”

    When you buy near a town property you can get a sense of what the disadvantages will be. The Build-up of the sports programs is insane, they keep adding to their “needs”. The lights on fields are not needed. Children do not need to be on the fields after dark. When it gets dark just go home. Maybe do some schoolwork. Sports will not make you smart.

  17. I thought the existing hospital was staying on long term (as the baby/maternity specialized) and the new on being built in Paramus was just the needed expansion?

  18. Maybe the Village of Ridgewood can buy the valley hospital building. We could build a brand new state-of-the-art building for all department s emergency services EMS police fire Everything at one site with that be possible. And sell everything else. Just a thought. It would be pretty cool.

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