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Van Neste Park Left in Disgraceful Condition

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, As of yesterday morning Van Neste park left in deplorable conditions over the whole weekend. Village Parks department should be ashamed of themselves.

23 thoughts on “Van Neste Park Left in Disgraceful Condition

  1. I noticed on Saturday morning walking thru Van Neste. What, it’s still a filthy mess? Ya know, the council constantly talks about “beautifying the CBD.” I think clean is good enough and let the stores speak for themselves.

    (I don’t need to see trees on concrete; I need to see them in woods where they are constantly being chopped down, like Schedler.)

    But the council letting Van Neste be filthy almost a week and counting after July 4th. That is inexcusable and deplorable. The council notices every plant in the CBD.

    Someone , includes council, village manager, and also village engineer, and probably more village workers, must have noticed the filthy mess.
    Why don’t they order whoever is in charge of keeping it clean to clean up. CLEAN is what I call BEAUTIFUL and BEATIFYING the CBD.
    I guess the council and village workers don’t think that they can get enough personal credit keeping the town CLEAN. Why , because they are dirty…… expletive deleted so and sos. Don’t we pay taxes for the town to be clean? Let’s DEMAND a tax refund even if it amounts to two cents per household, the dirty so and sos.

  2. Actually, who should be ashamed of themselves is every single person that placed a an item on top of an already overflowing garbage can. They should have just been honest and thrown it on the ground, or carried it out the same way they carried it in, until they found an empty can.

  3. Maybe time for a NEW parks and rec manager!

  4. Where is Nancy Bigios? Planting dead trees at Habernickel? In February to boot

  5. Clean house start with the horrid engineer then the difraceful Nancy Bigios

  6. I did not watch the fireworks in Ridgewood this year. But I will say in my almost eighty years of living, I have at times put trash around the globe in filled trash receptacles thinking that those authorities responsible for cleaning them would get on the job. I wasn’t always able to carry trash away and look for empty trash cans in Europe and South America with family members and back packs. And also traveling in the U. S. by the way. I NEVER in my entire life threw trash down on the ground. But I have , I repeat, a few times put trash in filled trash cans. If those who are responsible for keeping the cans empty and clean can’t do their job, they should be fired. My job is not to do someone else’s job, but to do what I am responsible for. So do not tell me to do someone else’s job. That is so NEW JOISEY. NEVER ACCEPTING RESPSONSIBILITY and passing the BUCK.

    The parks dept, should have gotten on the job surely by Monday. Let’s assume they were partying or away the whole weekend. Surely by Monday early a.m. they should have cleaned it.

  7. Speaking of Parks what about Maple Field, I have only one Porta poty there aka out house . And it’s always filthy can be put to them and have them cleaned twice a week. Again we are going over this. This is ridiculous the director of parks need to come out and see this. This is a joke. My kids go to the camp at Maple Ave., Park. They use that location as a restroom and it’s always tough for me my kids go to the camp at Maple Park. They use that location as a restroom and it’s always dirty. Come on Nancy look and see.

  8. Nice pride flag though.

  9. Lots of interest and money spent on Schedler though from this Council.$150,000 alone paid just to Downes Tree Wervice on the last year for Schedler work. That property serves less than 2% of Villagers. Van Neste is in the CBD and is seen by anyone who visits our businesses… yet this Council could care less? Who is driving the obsession with Schedler over the rest of the Village?

  10. Why aren’t we utilizing more contractors. Why is it always downs. Enough already.

  11. Yes regarding the One porta John at maple field is not working out. They need at least one more .

  12. Some people would have you believe that dogs are the biggest mess-makers. Nope. Humans are the worst.

  13. The new master plan, whenever that happens, should recommend additional resources are required to maintain our towns services. Without the right amount it doesn’t matter who is at the helm. Doesnt the VC see this. What are they doing about it.
    And parks should have real bathrooms not Port a johns

  14. Yes so very true the council either doesn’t care or doesn’t know that multiple departments throughout the village of Ridgewood is extremely low and staff. With all that’s going on throughout the town the village cannot keep up with all the services Unless they start hiring. Way too many employees have retired and they never replace them. So what do you expect. Same old same old.

  15. Regarding bathrooms at Maple field yes they should install bathrooms it’s unacceptable. We have a health issue at that location regarding restrooms. They are not being maintained properly on a daily basis once a week is not efficient. I guess we need to call the Board of Health at Bergen county with the state. They need to be embarrassed. Then maybe something will get done.

  16. Parks and rec director Nancy Bigios and her side kick the engineer need to start working for their pay check.

    She has employees that she does not over see. Although she has been seen drinking wine at Habernickel with her buddy “ false accusations “ Stacy Antine aka healthbarn.

    Nancy get to work and stop job nobbing with tenants!!!! And maybe get the trash cans emptied !!!!!!!!!!

  17. Furthermore, if there is going to be a celebration, an event at a park; the people in charge of keeping garbage cans empty and park clean should have several shifts of staff emptying garbage receptacles and picking garbage off ground on the event day or night. The staff like Bigos etc. knows there will be a big crowd. SOOO Fricken…..New Joisey to try and pass the buck to people attendin events in parks.

  18. Right on. Suckers.

  19. Yes they should have workers come in over the weekend.

  20. Nancy Bigios doesn’t know her ass from her elbow. The job is out of her league

    Get a real manager , director And engineer Clean house. New hires ASAP

  21. Omg don’t you people get it yet?
    Do you actually think that anyone at VH gives a fuck about what you think or say ?
    There are no employees to empty the garbage cans.
    Build a bathroom? Right, get right on it.

  22. Instead of posting insulting notes here, why not write to the people in charge and ask them about specific issues, politely?

  23. Who the hell is running Parks Dept. Who is hiring these people what is wrong with them. What a mess. We pay the taxes for services and we are not getting them look around the parks look like shit. The pool water is green. Come on Parks look at the Porta potty at Maple Field, it is so disgusting every time my kids going to use it it won’t poop. Come on get it cleaned out every day then the village of Ridgewood has the money stop the bullshit. Do your job. Ever since Tim Retired the place is going downhill.

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