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Van Neste Square Litter Mess

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood parks continue to be the source of concern . The Ridgewood blog has previously reported on the lack of basic maintenance and yesterday Van Neste square was strewn with filth . While maintenance has been sorely lacking , this seems to be more of a case of residents or visitors not putting trash in receptacles and not cleaning up after themselves .

The Ridgewood Blog suggest the Village increase littering fines to $300 or require community service ie… clean up duty.

10 thoughts on “Van Neste Square Litter Mess

  1. All kinds of people just lazy. Not nice.

  2. Are the garbages overflowing there? Or just piggy people to lazy to walk to them?

  3. Chin up, all will be better once the Arohnson apartment projects are complete!

  4. Pave it over for commuter parking then people will not hang out to throw their garbage on the ground.

  5. That park Attract so many people from all over New Jersey. We should have people working on weekends from the Parks Dept to handle the litter at many locations. Just like at Maplefield the Porta potty needs to be cleaned more than once a week. I don’t know who’s in charge of Parks but it’s not what are used to be. We must be losing all our experience people.

  6. I saw it.
    I did not clean it up.
    I posted pictures on Instagram.
    I complained on local Ridgewood blogs.
    I did my part.
    I am a good person.

  7. Parks Dept needs to have people come in on weekends to oversee the parks trash, and check a few things out. There’s plenty of work for someone to work part time on the weekends. Unacceptable by the Village of Ridgewood. They have the money. Stop the bullshit. I make sure the Porta potty‘s are clean. Stop ignoring it. We know who you are. Stop

  8. Parks and rec needs a new manager. One that does her job. Garbages in the parks barely get emptied.

    Parks and rec employees drive around, hide in parking lots texting and smoking.

    What are we paying Nancy Bigios for?

  9. We need a REAL village manager. In fact we need a real VC and especially new mayor but it won’t happen until election time. But village manager can be installed at anytime in my knowledge. I volunteer to work for half the salary of Heather and also be accessible 24×7. Try me for 6 months. Guaranteed that I will have a much, much better performance. But I know I won’t get the job. I am no friend or family with anyone who picks key staff so I will sit in my corner and shut up.
    One serious suggestion to VC. Do you want to know what people think of your performance? Do a quick surveymonkey across RW. You will get to learn a lot about yourself even if you shake hands and try to buy likes with hypocritical smiles or FB posts.

  10. Agree with the above I could do Bigios’ job with my eyes closed. She can’t do it period. And heather, the clerk now manager seriously?

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