file photo by Boyd Loving

March 13,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, village council candidate Alexandra Harwin spoke at Ridgewood High School. No other candidates or councilmembers were invited , Ms Harwin spoke about running for council in Ridgewood  for a full 40 minutes asking the kids for their addresses to post yard signs of her candidacy .

When questioned by angry parents superintendent of Schools Daniel Fishbein said in an email , “this is a student run organization. It appears that you may know one or more of the students who are part of the organization, based on your knowledge of their ages. I suggest that you or other village council members reach out to see if they can be invited. As I stated, this is a club activity and not an academic class. ”

Funny that no sitting council member with experience  has been asked , yet a new candidate who has been to one council meeting for a total of 50 minutes is now an expert. Its also another interesting use of the taxpayer funded $105,000,000 Ridgewood School budget . And interesting to watch a Village Council candidate bully children into compliance.

All the moms  who questioned the events have asked to remain anonymous and are concerned about being booted from Home & School Association membership if their names are exposed regarding this matter .