Village Council Election: Which Candidates are Pro-Valley Expansion 

Ridgewood voters need to decide which issues are most important to them and choose which candidates will address those issues the best. Here are your choices:

Hauck = Pro Valley Expansion
Pucciarelli = Pro Valley Expansion
Shinzouka = Anti Valley Expansion
Killion = Status Quo is Fine
Forenza = Pro Valley Expansion
Aronsohn = What ever is best for Aronsohn

Unfortunately if the issue that is most important to you is not addressed above, you are out of luck. Not one of these candidates has demonstrated any understanding of the fiscal challenges facing the Village. Not one has shown any ability to unify a very divided Village without selling out their own special interest group.

If Valley is your issue then your mind was made up a long time ago. Valley supporters need to realize that until Valley backs down or offers real compromise, the rest of the critical issues that confront the Village will go unattended to. Those opposed to the Valley expansion need to realize that the candidates that they endorse on this one issue may not have the skills to address the other issues that we face.

In the end, the real issue may be Valley itself. Valley is a business that gains nothing from enhancing the quality of life for Ridgewood residents. An overwhelmingly small percentage of Valley’s patients live in Ridgewood and an even smaller percentage work there. While your taxes are going up again this year by 7% Valley continues to pay no taxes to the Village. Shouldn’t the Village benefit more than it does from having Valley here? Might this be the biggest issue of them all?