March 14,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Village council has decided to take a look at using Ridgewood Open Space funds to restore and repair Maple Turf Field. The Council debated on funding to fix the field , the $600,000 of open space funds have been sitting for some time , and the Village manager pushed the idea of raiding the unused open space funds then bonding afterward. Councilmen Hache said there were some grant options and councilwomen Walsh focused on the shared responsibility to maintain the field.

The council will look to sports groups for regular maintenance funds and to enforce rules that extend the life of the fields.

While the Ridgewood blog and others warned about the fiscal dangers of installing a turf field in a flood plain , the fact is the field is there ,it can not be currently used in its present condition and the money is available . Sorry its a little late to cry over open space funds for turf fields and it would be better for the Village to deal with the reality we presently have than fantasizing about what could or would have been.

Once again this is a learning experience on how voters are stuck with the long term consequences of their actions. Like the high density housing the Turf Field is part of the Village and must be maintained as such and again you can not blame the present council for the mess that others created.