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Village Council: Guidelines for Use of Flagpole in Public Forum Space

JUNE 5, 2019 : 7:30 P.M.

1.7:30 pm – Call to Order – Mayor 

2.Statement of Compliance with Open Public Meeting Act
Mayor: “Adequate notice of this meeting has been provided by a posting on the bulletin board in Village Hall, by mail to the Ridgewood News, The Record, and by submission to all persons entitled to same as provided by law of a schedule including the date and time of this meeting.”
3.Roll Call -Village Clerk

 4.Flag Salute/Moment of Silence 5.Public Comments (Not to Exceed 3 Minutes per Person – 40 Minutes in Total) 

6.Manager’s Report 

7.Council Reports 


 a.Ridgewood Water None

    1. Parking on Sherman Place
    2. Monte Vista Avenue Parking Restrictions

    1.Award Contract -National Cooperative Agreement – Caterpillar Backhoe Signal and Water Pollution Control Divisions
    2.Award Contract – Cooperative Purchasing Agreement – 2020 Fire Pumper 
    3.Authorize Online Auction Service – Sourcewell
    4.Award Professional Services Contract – Certified Lake Manager
    5.Award Contract -National Cooperative Purchasing Agreement -Roll-Off Truck with Salter – Street Division
    6.Award Contract – Disposal of Grass Clippings
    7.Award Contract – Selective Clearing for Berm Construction at Schedler Property  d.Policy 
    1. Guidelines for Use of Flagpole in Public Forum Space
    2. Amending Chapter 190 Land Use Development -Illuminated  Signs in Business District and Extend Suspension of Ordinance for Certain           Illuminated Signs in Central Business District
    3. Establishment of Tum Lane on Franklin Avenue.   e.Operations
    1.Authorize Access to North Walnut Street Parking Lot – Monitoring Wells
    2.North Walnut Street Traffic Calming
    3.Alternate Court Administrator
    4.Ordinance to Adopt New FEMA/FIRM Maps
    5.2020 Village Calendar Theme 9.Review of June 12,2019 Public Meeting Agenda 10.Public Comments (Not to Exceed 5 Minutes per Person) 11.Closed Session
 A.Legal – Chestnut Village
 B.Personnel -Village Manager’s Office, Municipal Court, Boards and Committees ­ Village Council Appointments 12.Adjournment

18 thoughts on “Village Council: Guidelines for Use of Flagpole in Public Forum Space

  1. Now they are going to try to limit what flags can fly at a public forum. Good luck with that. The horse has already left the barn when the put up the gay pride flag. Another lawsuit waiting to happen.

  2. Guideline #1: A majority of the Council must agree with the content of the apparent message sought to be conveyed by the private flag proposed to be raised on a village-owned flagpole. Otherwise you’re out of luck. Oh, and don’t forget about that (fictitious) wall of separation between Church and state thingy. The only real rule us that no promotion or celebration of religion is allowed. The more irreligious or sacrilegious your message, the better your chances of gaining majority approval. See Appendix A containing a list of currently popular fads best suited to allow current council members to engage in risk-free virtue signaling. Select from that list to maximize your chances of majority approval.

  3. Is this a “cover your ass” measure after this Council agreed to install a donated flag pole and flag on Village property? Virtue signalling and political correctness are not leadership.

  4. I’m a dog lover. There are many dog lovers in town. We should fly a dog flag over Village Hall. If they don’t, we’ll run a smear campaign against Council members for being canine-phobic.

  5. E pluribus unum. Let’s stop with the Balkanization of the village. It’s being used as a political pandering pole.

  6. How many flags will the Village permit to be flown at one time from the new flagpole in Van Neste Square? Who decides what the order will be, highest to lowest? Must it be that no American flag will fly from this flagpole (private flags only) or can there be at least some semblance of priority and decorum?

    In other news over the weekend, some enterprising individual at Ridgewood High School managed to stealthily raise a rainbow flag up underneath the stars and bars flag on the flagpole adjacent to the football field. Was (Catholic) RHS Principal Gorman somehow jealous of (Catholic) Ridgewood Mayor Hache? Could he not wait until Monday (AKA senior cut day) or Tuesday (after his pampered seniors had once again graced him with their collective presence) to get in on the SSA-celebrating, church doctrine-negating, virtue-signaling action?

  7. This will be fun!

  8. What ever flag Bergen County Executive Tedesco tells this council to fly.

  9. Catholics know that certain months are dedicated to certain things.   This is how we roll, right? So, all we need to do is commission a decent looking flag for every month of the year, then get the Ridgewood Village Council to approve a Catholic flag-raising for all 12 months of the year.

    January – The Holy Name and Childhood of Jesus
    February – The Holy Family
    March – St. Joseph
    April – The Blessed Sacrament
    May – Mary
    June – Sacred Heart of Jesus
    July – The Precious Blood
    August – Immaculate Heart of Mary
    September – Seven Sorrows of Mary
    October – The Holy Rosary and also the Holy Angels
    November – Poor Souls in Purgatory
    December – The Immaculate Conception

  10. What’s to stop the rainbow special interest group from requesting that their flag be flown on the newly-donated flagpole all year long?

  11. I hate this town more and more each day.

  12. I wonder if we have a small piece of land that we can make a new park called the flag park. Put like 30 different kind of flags there . I like flags. Maybe we can rotate them a lot.

  13. Three Amigos flag commemorating close friendship among elected officers in local government.

  14. How about an orange flag bearing an image of an effeminate school resource officer, gun holstered and cowering behind a stanchion with bullets flying past him.

  15. “The Three Chihuahuas are just as bad… their Council majority will be voting for the Pride flag to be flown year round. #VirtueSignallingIsNotLeadership”

    Well said.

    We can’t lose sight of the fact that the current councilmembers, including a Catholic mayor, thought nothing of indulging the childish emotions of the skittles army when they should have known they were opening a municipal government version of Pandora’s box. Even now, they show no signs of developing an adult perspective and taking appropriate steps to fix their mistake. Doubling, tripling down on stupid. Along with pandering pols from around the state.

  16. Roberta Sonenfeld posted the following on FB: ” Unfortunately Ridgewood is in compliance with this order/perspective …..A privately funded flag pole In Ridgewood’s Van Neste Park (not at Village Hall) separate (and not equal) from the American flag does not cut it in my opinion. Progressives should not celebrate this and should not be thankful for it. Look at Glen Rock and other municipalities as an example.”

    There is a reason why Sonenfeld is gone – she is a liar and a two face (not to mention the ethics violation against her and Paulie Boy). Glen Rock does NOT have their pride flag at GR City Hall. No matter how many times she and Jan Phillips and Jeff Voigt say otherwise, the fact remains that Glen Rock’s flag is at Wilde Park, not at Glen Rock city hall.

  17. Ms. Sonenfeld us filled with hatred. Being a loser is a bitter pill

  18. When I see that flag (Gay Pride) I will immediately take a knee in protest of that flag.

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