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Village Engineer Gets Preferential Treatment with Parking at Village Hall

parking at village hall

November 16,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, looks like Christopher Rutishauser Village Engineer  has had his share of troubles parking in the Village Hall parking lot .  So in order to keep his special spot available an over night sign change was needed  and there we go special parking for motorcycles, even closer to the Village hall the handicapped spaces .

The signs were not approved and parking has gone rogue with the entire Village Hall back lot has now been converted into a everyman for themselves.

Residents have to pay up to  $1500 a year for parking permits in the Village. The main question is should be why is Chris Ritishauser given preferential treatment and above the law? All employees should park at the rear of the lot or somewhere else. Across the field. What’s good for the CBD should be good enough for Village employees.

38 thoughts on “Village Engineer Gets Preferential Treatment with Parking at Village Hall

  1. Well this post is going to piss him off. Now there is going to be a green bike lane in that parking lot. He will to fix us.

  2. Mr. “Ghetto Palm Trees” strikes again.

  3. I was there last night and a car was parked in that space. And why, might we wonder, is a space that is closest to the building not designated as handicapped???

  4. Whats next valet parking for the “chosen” at Village Hall. What the hell we the taxpayers are paying for valet parking in the CBC

  5. hmm anti-motorcycles discrimination? knew he was the “bike lane” guy but not motorcycles. Am totally in favor of legal, motorcycle parking spaces(s) ! However the proximity to the entrance/handicap spaces is point well taken.

  6. Follow the money.

  7. Can a car fit in there? If so, yikes. Also what are two “cycles?”

  8. What a mess Village hall, every day at something else. You worry about your tax dollars paying for the sign. Worry about the rest of the nitwits down at Atlantic City eating, drinking, BSN, what a joke what a waste of time and money , Next week when They come back With all new ideas. More smoke up our ass.
    The tax gal.

  9. How much money did he pay to the “sole responsible bidders” to create those new signs?

  10. Who approved this and what is the Council doing to about it? How was this decided? What about public input? Can’t use the block vote as an excuse anymore. What’s stopping this Council from cleaning house?

  11. That guy needs a special parking place,have you seen him walk you can hear him coming from 50 yards away. Plus he thinks very highly of himself and it does wonders for his if he decides to help himself to the village quarter supply closer is better😜

  12. A motorcycle was parked in that spot this mornong.

  13. You posters don’t get it. He really doesn’t give a rats ass what you say or think. He doesn’t care what the taxpayer think or say. the Mayor loves his work and thats all that matters.

  14. what is the VOR annual RESIDENTS PARKING lot and VIP train station spots PASS RATEs FOR 2018 .?

  15. I’m confused. I see a “motorcycle only” sign and a “Library Parking” sign. How is this parking designated for only Chris Rutishauser?? If I have a motorcycle, can I not park there? And in any case, I don’t think a spot reserved for the Village Engineer is unreasonable and I actually think it’s a good idea. The Village engineering staff go in and out of the office multiple times a day and I would rather they not spend time driving around for a parking spot. Every time I go to the library , which is frequently, I marvel at the expansiveness of the police parking lot.

  16. 1:20pm. The question is… why the preferential treatment? The Village Engineer can park at the rear of the lot with the rest of them. If they can walk a few extra spaces so can he. Lots of staff go in and out. He should be using an official Village vehicle and not his bling-ed out Harley Davidson Motorcycle, which costs a pretty penny. That can be a story of its own. Maybe linked to the quarters? 11:44 you might be on to something.

  17. 2:08 – so you’re saying that Rutishauser rides a motorcycle back and forth to work each day and that’s why this space is perceived to have been designated for his use.

  18. Yes that guy needs a special parking spot over in Bergen Pines at the fifth floor. What a cuckoo bird . Why would you bring attention to yourself you numbskull.

  19. And this guy is the director of public works For the village Ridgewood. And he does things like this,

  20. Your Council approved this. Just check the ordinance about Village Hall parking and see who signed off on it. Two thing could have happened . First, the Council knew about it and it was ok with them or Second,they never reviewed the ordinance and just sign off on it. I believe that that the Village Engineer writes these parking ordinance.

  21. Why is it only for Monday to Saturday?

  22. Who cares.

  23. Thanks Chris 6:20 .

  24. There should be more parking spots throughout the CBD for motorcycles. And as for the director of Public Works he can pretty much do whatever he likes . He’s the director.

  25. Speaking of motorcycles I heard that the village just acquired two more cycles go speaking of motorcycles I heard that the village just acquired two more cycles for the p d , It’s about time.

  26. Motorcycle “you-know-what”
    envy – what a joke. Limousine Liberals LOL. Made in America – what are you driving?

  27. 3:51, not DPW but Chief Engineer.

  28. 7:24 your right “He’s the director.” A legend. in his own mind

  29. um, sign is next to a fire hydrant

  30. Correction he has a civil-service title director of Department public works he is recognized through the county and in the state agencies as the director. Get your information right. Unless the village has changed his name of his title like they do with many others. But on all the documents Chris Name is the man

  31. Thanks Pauly on the update on YOUR title. Again I say, your a legend in your own mind.

  32. Who cars it’s a sign . If we are worrying about that , what about on the other side of Village hall lot with the police parking in the fire zone every day along the building. Oops 😬.

  33. Thanks again Fly girl aka Chris. We all know your office overlooks the police parking lot. Maybe you should do some work instead of looking out the window. We all know that your a want a be cop. Your better at sucking up to the Mayor then you are an Engineer

  34. Some say he has a biker gang now he and is preppy crew.

  35. Yes your right 4:35 they call themselves Hell’s Engineers Motorcycle Club. Their motto is “We screw the taxpayer”

  36. Wow 35 comments on the sign. I must say I do like the sign, I’m all for it just more of them.

  37. Thanks Biker boy. Next time your writing an ordinance for parking at Village Hall just add them in. Just don’t forget to suck up to the Mayor. Maybe you can bring her some deer meat.

  38. Let’s get one thing straight: these people are PUBLIC SERVANTS. Unfortunately, they often serve THEMSELVES! For the amount of money that we pay them (yes, we are their bosses!), their behavior is disgusting and they should be terminated immediately.

    This means YOU Christopher Rutishauser!

    And, while I’m at it, I recently had the pleasure of speaking to our new Village “CEO” Heather Mailander. This self-serving waste of flesh had the nerve to say to me: “You’re lucky you caught me in the office, it’s late.” Oh really, Heather? We have a PERPETUAL LIABILITY on our books in the form of your incredibly bloated salary! I am stunned to learn that we (your bosses, the taxpayers) are paying you nearly $200,000 per year. And, did I mention your PENSION? You should literally work 24/7/365 for that level of compensation.

    The politics in this town are out of control. We need to DRAIN THE RIDGEWOOD SWAMP!!! #MRGA

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