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Village of Ridgewood Affordable Housing Presentation

the staff of the Ridgewood 

Ridgewood NJ, this is more state forced over development in Ridgewood , voting has consequences and the consequence of the Affordable Housing mandates is to create court ordered over development is a state with a sinking population and eroding tax base . 

The Village Seems to have worked out the lest invasive solution .

Please see the link below for the Affordable Housing Presentation by Presentation by Beth McManus, Village of Ridgewood Affordable Housing Planner.

6 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood Affordable Housing Presentation

  1. Nothing on the West Side?

  2. Anyone knows what DU/AC means? North Maple location is a Valley property. Is Village buying it for development? Any time frame for this area’s development?

  3. There is nothing affordable on the West Side.

  4. Brian. Spoke like a true West Sider

  5. Once the Upper Ridgewood Tennis Club declares bankruptcy, that will go on the market for Affordable Housing.

  6. Why

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