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Village of Ridgewood Civility Roundtable – January 20th – All are Welcome!


Village of Ridgewood Civility Roundtable – January 20th – All are Welcome!

Mayor Paul Aronsohn will be holding a Roundtable meeting to discuss related to more civility in our public discourse. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 20th at 7:30pm in the Senior Lounge at Village Hall.

Rev. Jan Phillips will lead the discussion. We will drill down on ways to take the civility conversation forward.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

13 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood Civility Roundtable – January 20th – All are Welcome!

  1. More Aronsohn psychobabble. Drilling Down, just sick of his stupid expression. Is Rev Al goin to attend, once again, in defiance of the Open Public Meetings Act? he needs to be taken out in handcuffs.

  2. Good to see progress on the desired impact of this initiative

  3. More BS to distract you from the real issues and Aronsohn’s agenda.

  4. Thanks #2 We can always count on you to come up with this bullshit.

  5. End this bizarre, self-serving garbage NOW.

  6. Anonymous:

    End this bizarre, self-serving garbage NOW.

    I agree #5, your posts are self-serving and bizarre. Please end them now.

  7. Lets be TRANSPARENT. MOVING FOWARD we should look at the OBTICS and DRILL DOWN on this subject.

  8. We must GIN UP the residents on this subject.

  9. The residents are already wee-wee’d up!

  10. Now that the Mayor has had his long sought-after Cecil B. Demille-type closeup on News12NewJersey (wasn’t it supposed to be a police department news conference?) he probably thinks he is well beyond criticism from Village residents and can expect nothing but civility in the form of polite applause and warm murmuring from individuals of all ages, genders, orientations and political bents.

  11. If the puerile, atheist, nihilist rag Charlie Hebdo and it’s anemic typical print circulation of 60,000 is to be defended arm-in-arm by 40 world leaders marching in solidarity against attack by Islamist barbarians, certainly free-market, free-speech and We-the-People-oriented with its 90,000 unique electronic visitors per month can expect to be effectively defended against gratuitous depredation by two and 499/1000ths amigos bent on incessantly holding non-public public meetings calling for “civility in public discourse” until we collectively cry “Uncle” for fear of being bored to death. Hey PJ, by any chance, do you have a cartoonist on staff capable of amateurishly lampooning the prophet Aronsohn in honor of tonight’s gala free-speech-chilling civilapalooza?

  12. Events of this nature, if they are to be held at all, should be privately organized. For elected representatives to be the planners, hosts and organizers seems like a tactic employed by the National socialist party. Does anyone know their Great Depression and WWII-era history? Even Roosevelt sought to corrupt and coopt public discourse by secretly training thousands of so-called “four minute men” and quietly dispersing them around the country to attend local public meetings where they would take full advantage of open microphone time to proselytize regarding issues near and dear to the collectivist heart of the executive branch. Are we seeing a return to this tactic, 70 years hence?

  13. By any chance, is Ridgewood’s Mayor on record voicing his support for Charlie Hebdo in the wake of the brutal attack on free speech in France? Or is White Horse Strategies only interested in representing clients who benefit when people are afraid to freely speak their minds?

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