April 26,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, both Mr. Halaby and Mr. Lehmann used public comment  to again attack Mayor and make unproven and spurious accusation. The Mayor for the “umpteenth time ” refuted the false claims called out those who made them  “liars, and morally bankrupt and ethically challenged” . Lehmann through his antics once again demonstrated why he should be immediately removed as Chair of the Board of Adjustment .

Village council Attorney Matthew Rogers, read a statement concerning “nepotism ” and Village of Ridgewood hiring practices . Rogers first read a statement outlining his job and reiterating that he represents the Village of Ridgewood not any one particular member of the council. Rogers went on addressing civil service laws of New Jersey and how they foster “merit based hiring” . Specifically Rogers referred to the fact that qualitied candidates for civil service positions can not be bypassed .All civil service appointments must be made by the civil service test.

Councilmen Voigt attempted again to misrepresent the Village of Ridgewood and how the Civil Service system in New Jersey works . The councilmen as well as Mr. Halaby and Lehmann seem to have no understanding of the civil service system . Councilmen Walsh summed it up ,”the state test is the state test ” end of story ,there is no way around it.