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Village of Ridgewood Manager announces additional leaf pick up period

photos courtesy of Boyd Loving

December 15,2017

by the staff of The Ridgewood Blog

Ridgewood NJ, An additional leaf pick up period for all “areas” of the Village was announced by Village Manager Heather Mailander during the Village Council’s 12/13/2017 Public Meeting.

From December 23, 2017 through and including January 1, 2018, residents of any “area” may deposit leaves at the curb for pick up. Per Ms. Mailander, Village crews will begin picking up leaves on January 2, 2018.

LAST CHANCE FOR LOOSE LEAF PLACEMENT AT THE CURB: December 23, 2017 through and including January 1, 2018.

20 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood Manager announces additional leaf pick up period

  1. Ms. Manager needs to get a check up from the neck up for agreeing to this plan. This is the absolute worst time period to place leaves at the curb. Kids are out of school playing outdoors, more snow could come at anytime, and everyone has visitors for the holidays parking on streets. Bad move Ms. Manager.

  2. Yes I agree I live on Hillcrest so you’re telling us I can tell my landscaper to do the final cleanup and Blow everything in the street. And if it snows the plows push everything back on my lawn and then I got to pay my landscaper again to do a cleanup in the spring, who’s gonna pay for that the village or me bad move. Wow ,

  3. What is going on I just had my lawn done by my landscaper. Now the landscapers gardeners are going to have a free-for-all all through the town, it’s going to be a big mess.

  4. No one is obligated to do this. I’ve had leaves fall since my guy did the fall cleanup and will be glad to rake the rest into the street myself. Right now the street is edged with piles of snow-covered leaves so how much worse could it get?

  5. What is the Matter with you ftards?
    The leaves apparently fell down later than usual and the manager is doing her best to accommodate this.
    Thanks you heather and tell these morons fo go eff off .

  6. I know you can’t control mother nature, but it looks like poor planning.

  7. 12:56… the weather definitely did not cooperate this year. The proposal seems the best one that can be expected. The people who think it’s crazy maybe should lay out a few alternatives.

  8. I love snow

  9. Outstanding…!

    Save The Sycamore !!

  10. Other towns work on Saturday to keep up on top of the leaf pick up !!! Maybe the village needs to go back to that , it did work then, I’m shure it will work now .

  11. Sell Schedler.

  12. Snow and more snow

  13. Thank you Heather for trying to accommodate the incessant whining of people who just can’t stop. I appreciate your efforts to help keep the streets clean of leaves.

  14. Maybe we should be allowed to burn leaves

    It smells great this time of year and would help reduce the amount that needs to be picked up

    It would also help make sure the fire department crews had some real work to do for the money they get paid All around a win win

  15. That’s funny ,

  16. 838. Rewrite can you be more of a kiss ass

  17. Hey Anonymous December 16, 2017 at 10:51 am, a kiss ass is way better than what you are…..ass wipe!

  18. Again with my question I keep on making phone calls to village hall and no one will give us an answer regarding sweeping after we pick up in our section B, I live on Hillcrest and after the contractor picked up my leaves they are not sweeping the road. But yet my other home down in the lawns on Newcomb that I rent a town except the leaves and they sweep the road when they’re done, I find this very interesting. But yet no one has an answer for me.

  19. The crews are working hard and do a great job. Thank you

  20. Is that the best you can come up with asswipe, your spirit sounds like management I can’t believe my I can’t believe I Pay big taxes to stay here.

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