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Village Tree Chipper Leaks Hydraulic Fluid on Linwood Avenue

photos courtesy of Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood firefighters were called to mitigate a hydraulic fluid leak onto the street in front of 381 Linwood Avenue on Thursday morning, 03/14.  The leak emanated from a Village of Ridgewood owned tree chipper, which was stationed on the street in connection with the removal of a damaged tree.  The leaking chipper was transported away from the scene to be repaired.  Another one was brought in to finish the job off.

9 thoughts on “Village Tree Chipper Leaks Hydraulic Fluid on Linwood Avenue

  1. Junk is what you get when you always buy from the low bidder.

  2. Man bites dog category

  3. Bfd
    Put down some speedy dry
    Sweep it up
    End of discussion
    Thankfully this is the most newsworthy event of the day in deadwood

  4. O’boy , heads are going roll.

  5. More likely lousy maintenance

  6. That’s what happened. The lack of manpower. You cannot keep up with the new fleet with a skeleton crew.

  7. Why is this news?

  8. Because Loopy Boyd says so….

  9. you mean because Boyd take photos of people doing stupid things?

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