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Vincent Loncto Comments on the Upcoming Election

Tomorrow is Election Day and I hope you will exercise our greatest right  and vote.

In Ridgewood, we vote for one open seat on the Board of Education.  I am  seeking re-election to continue the work I began seven years ago.

With your vote tomorrow, I will work every day to keep our schools among  the best in the state and the country.  If re-elected, each decision I  will make will be the best for all students of the district and our
schools.  I will continue to respect the integrity of our educators and  educational product.  And I will always remember the taxpayer.

The primary job of the Ridgewood Board of Education is to make sure the  schools are well run  and that students can achieve their potential in a  safe and secure environment that is conducive to learning.  We rely upon  our talented educators and administrators to develop and execute quality
programs in the classroom.  Board members provide the oversight and  represent you in all decisions.

I believe that today, the Ridgewood Public Schools continue the  Tradition of Excellence.  Are there things that we can continue to  improve, adapt and introduce to make them better? Of course.  Will we
encounter pressing challenges in the years ahead?  Yes. Will our aging  buildings and infrastructure require attention? Yes.  Will the K-12  curriculum continue to evolve and improve?  Absolutely.  My experience
and skills will help the Board of Education manage these and other  challenges that public education faces every day.

Thank you for your kind support of my campaign and your continued  support of the Ridgewood Public Schools.

Vince Loncto

8 thoughts on “Vincent Loncto Comments on the Upcoming Election

  1. His post was liked by Roberta and Gwenn.
    Paul and Jeff have his sign on their lawns.
    That’s a combination which made me change my vote. Their is no way I am voting for this team.

  2. Thank you for your service. Time for new blood. Time for Kaufmann

  3. Voting for Kaufman. Sorry old man, you are done

  4. Supporters of Loncto: Voigt, Halaby, Lehman, Phillips, winograd, sonenfeld, Pucciarelli, hauck, aronsohn, Griffiths, Willett.

    Would not ever EVER vote for Loncto.

    Cristopher Kaufman is my man.

  5. Fun, a few years back Pucciarelli, Hauck, Aronsohn were the top vote getters in Ridgewood . They led the sheep that voted for them and Ridgewood to the slaughter house. Thanks to all that voted for them. Yo know who you are.

  6. Hey Pucciarelli, Hauck, Aonsohn a few years back you guys were riding high now look at you. Karma is bitch.

  7. Why would we reelect a member of the team that keeps driving DOWN Ridgewood’s education?
    Each year we drop in the rankings.
    This is the team leading the downward charge.
    Why would anyone want to keep them in power?

  8. Dirty, dirty, dirty !

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