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Virtual signaling is a privilege!

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, reader worries, “Watch as Ridgewood votes to become a sanctuary Village…or is that a virtue signaling bridge too far?”

vir·tue sig·nal·ing[virtue signaling]NOUN the action or practice of publicly expressing opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one’s good character or the moral correctness of one’s position on a particular issue.”it’s noticeable how often virtue signaling consists of saying you hate things”

One reader criticized another resident by saying , “Kim rarely ever finds the good in the town or in people, you never see him around town at the pride event, gun violence and awareness, daffodils festivities at van ness, seen at resturants, seen at any park or graydon. Does he volunteer anywhere? Not sure the motivation but it’s very disruptive. If he knows better, perhaps he should run for an open seat upfront, not preaching from the back seat.”

Implying that everyone in Ridgewood is judged by the social credit they receive via “Virtue signaling”.

A reader wrote on the RHS 2019 graduation , “At the RHS Class of 2019 graduation ceremony this evening, the Ridgewood school district superintendent was waxing rhapsodic during his speech, referencing the anniversary of the Greenwich Village Stonewall riots that occurred 50 years ago this month.He’s in full progressive peacock mode, shamelessly virtue signaling about how far we’ve come as a society”

But is this not also draw the crazies into the village, like the Ridgewood Bomb doc or People Organization for Progress ,that supports cop killers?

People’s Organization For Progress
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