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Weinberg Advances the “Spartacus Bill”

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, In 2015 Senator Loretta Weinberg introduced S-3125, legislation that would force Governor Christie to resign before he ran for President.

Yesterday, Democrats went in the other direction, passing S3106/A4674 on partisan lines, which would pave the way for Cory Booker to simultaneously run for President and United States Senate.
NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt offered the following comment:

“Senator Booker seems determined to take to the rest of the Country his record of making New Jersey dead last in what it gets back from Washington D.C., and the only way he’s willing to try is by hedging his bets. That’s not courage, that’s timidity, and the Democratic majority’s decision to endorse isn’t leadership. Once again, Trenton’s Democrats show the depths of their duplicity. Rather than legislate to protect the public’s interest, they legislate to protect themselves. And we let them. If Senator Booker cared about his home state more than his own political ambitions, he would pick a job and try to do it well.

“Governor Murphy and Democrats in the legislature should put New Jersey before politics for once and kill this bill.”

4 thoughts on “Weinberg Advances the “Spartacus Bill”

  1. If the Dems didn’t have a double standard they would have no standards at all.

  2. Booker’s entire career is a resume padding exercise. I’d wish he just walked away and become a contributor on cable news or a GMA anchor.

  3. Granny should pack it in

  4. Sparticus has been notably quite

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