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Weinstein’s money to Democrats in New Jersey

Harvey Weinstein

October 9,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

River Vale NJ, Assemblywomen Holly Schepisi comments on the  Weinstein sexual harassment controversy and the  Hollywood as well as Democrat double standard:

“I’ve found hypocrisy in politics fascinating as well as disgusting as it oftentimes involves women. Several months ago, in a room filled with more than 60 people, a local NJ democratic chairman made repugnant sexual based comments about a dear female professional friend of mine and yet not one person who was present said a word or spoke up. The press refused to cover the story after cowards who were present all claimed to be in the bathroom at the same time and therefore co…uldn’t confirm what had transpired.

Two years ago, another woman I know was sexually assaulted by a total piece of garbage who is prominent in NJ democratic state politics but she was convinced to remain silent by people in power as the perpetrator continues to receive promotions.

Where is the outrage one would expect against these examples? Why did people remain silent on Harvey Weinstein while accepting millions in campaign contributions? I worked in entertainment 20 years ago and stories about him were rampant back then. Why hasn’t the NJ state Democratic Party returned the monies he’s donated to them? Today, I challenge the three Democratic females running for office in my district to end their hypocrisy.

Time after time, you have launched baseless negative attacks, undertaken
hashtag politics, and fought on identity-based politics at the smallest
perceived slight or anytime you believe you can score cheap points yet you have remained silent on real issues within your own party.

Today, it is time for your games to end. The money you receive from
your Democrat Party, and from groups like Emily’s List and Emerge (which received donations of Weinstein’s money from the national Democratic Party) must be returned immediately. If it is not, and
you do not, it is clear that your words are meaningless.

The money you have taken is tainted by the very things you say you
oppose. Money from Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein, who we now know
is an accused serial sexual assaulter has flowed into the coffers of your state
party. Millions of dollars were also raised at a state party fundraiser arm in arm with Alec Baldwin, who is well-known for calling a NY Daily News photographer a ‘nutty bi#*h,’ deriding a Starbucks barista an ‘uptight queen,’ an airline stewardess who asked him to stop playing a video game and attacking his own daughter by calling her a ‘pig’ who ‘doesn’t have brains.

When candidates stand silent because it helps them financially but then
play politics on the same issue to help their ambitions, it’s clear they only care about one things: themselves.”

5 thoughts on “Weinstein’s money to Democrats in New Jersey

  1. Another disgusting liberal scumbag. Wonder how Merrell Streep feels right about now. I believe she called Weinstein “God”.

  2. Meryl Streep feels great – she’s a self-serving hypocritical liberal – she only cares about women when it does not impact her personally or when caring would increase her power or position. She knew EXACTLY what Weinstein was when she called him a God, but he was in a position to further her career (and line her pockets) so she was OK with looking the other way.
    But don’t worry, she victimize herself and turn the blame on Weinstein (or Trump).

  3. This is exactly why I can’t stand it when Hollywood pontificates. I guess Meryl Streep will give a speech about Weinstein at the next Oscars. ROFLMAO

  4. He has to sneak up on a glass of water to get a drink.

  5. Name names, Holly Shepisi! Or do you also have your reasons for stopping short? This is the dilemma. It is the rare person who not only is capable of (i.e., personal eyewitness, or actual victim) exposing the truth about sexual wrongdoing by persons in power, but also possesses the necessary moral courage to persist when subjected to the inevitable blowback or backlash. Unfortunately, the wrongdoer benefits from this atmosphere of reticense and uses it to their advantage. Pure evil.

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