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Westwood Swears in New Jersey’s Youngest Council Member

May 16,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Westwood NJ,  Westwood’s newest council member Alyssa Kaye Dawson, at 24 is New Jersey’s youngest councilwoman . Alyssa Dawson, a former staffer to LG Kim Guadagno was sworn-in tonight to a council seat in Westwood to succeed retiring Councilman Peter Grefrath a 23 year veteran to the Borough of Westwood . Dawson had announced her candidacy to run for Council in November alongside incumbent Ray Arroyo last month.

Former Westwood council members, Ingrid Quinn, Cindy Waneck, Jay Sciara and Bill Phayre came to the meeting to say thank you along with former LG Kim Guadagno and assemblywomen Holly Schepisi.

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