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What’s Become of Ridgewood

What’s Become of Ridgewood

As a lifelong resident of Ridgewood, I find it sad that there is a new era of “partisan politics” in our midst. This Village Council election should be about serving the residents and taxpayers of Ridgewood not about how to “seize control” of the Council. My observation from the sidelines has been that those who step up to serve do so with the best intentions, usually at much personal sacrifice. They give their service and move on back into private life. I find this new era of outside money and paid for shills on street corners in tee shirts quite disturbing. We are bombarded daily with disgusting political maneuvering at the national level and now it seems it has crept its way into our Village.

I have carefully listened and observed the tactics, the words and the actions of those who are running for Village Council. Once you clear away the smoke, both Keith and Jane appear to stand alone for all of the right reasons. Ridgewood has seen the effects of a partisan Mayor who dreamed of a Freeholder position. That wreckage took years to recover from. I urge you to not let history repeat itself. Vote for Keith and Jane tomorrow so we may protect the future of Ridgewood from the nasty ways of party politics.

10 thoughts on “What’s Become of Ridgewood

  1. Partisan politics has always been alive and well in Ridgewood this is nothing new.

  2. This seems to be a much more base example of a few landholders and hospital executives and their friends trying to profit from urbanization at the expense of the rest of the town. This isn’t really politics, it’s good old fashioned greed that must be stopped if we want our village atmosphere to remain the same. I didn’t move to hoboken for a reason!

  3. maybe true but this year Aronsohn has politics to a new low. it is awful and he has lost the support of many. more then he knows.

  4. Take a look at the candidates. How many dream of being State Senator or a US Rep? Does Ridgewood need to provide on-the-job training for aspiring demagogues?

  5. Mr A’s big money party backing was very much in evidence when Villagers got his slick, expensive mailings. Toothy grin, white shirt rolled up at the sleeves the better to get his hands dirty, necktie ready to be loosened for tense all-night deliberations, in short, all suited up to be sent to DC as the hero of the people.

    Except that isn’t the job he’s running for.

    Our small village has no room for big-city politics.

  6. Ridgewood voters need to decide which issues are most important to them and choose which candidates will address those issues the best. Here are your choices:

    Hauck = Pro Valley Expansion
    Pucciarelli = Pro Valley Expansion
    Shinzouka = Anti Valley Expansion
    Killion = Status Quo is Fine
    Forenza = Pro Valley Expansion
    Aronsohn = What ever is best for Aronsohn

    Unfortunately if the issue that is most important to you is not addressed above, you are out of luck. Not one of these candidates has demonstrated any understanding of the fiscal challenges facing the Village. Not one has shown any ability to unify a very divided Village without selling out their own special interest group.

    If Valley is your issue then your mind was made up a long time ago. Valley supporters need to realize that until Valley backs down or offers real compromise, the rest of the critical issues that confront the Village will go unattended to. Those opposed to the Valley expansion need to realize that the candidates that they endorse on this one issue may not have the skills to address the other issues that we face.

    In the end, the real issue may be Valley itself. Valley is a business that gains nothing from enhancing the quality of life for Ridgewood residents. An overwhelmingly small percentage of Valley’s patients live in Ridgewood and an even smaller percentage work there. While your taxes are going up again this year by 7% Valley continues to pay no taxes to the Village. Shouldn’t the Village benefit more than it does from having Valley here? Might this be the biggest issue of them all?

  7. I disagree with you on Killion. He really has Ridgewood’s best interest at heart. Shinozuka also seems to be cautious when it comes to overbuilding and urbanizing our Village. She is very good on the planning board, fair and thoughtful, and if that’s any gauge to her approach she will make a fine council member.
    As far as Aronsohn goes, it is clearer to me Aronsohn is out for Aronsohn. Please Ridgewood don’t be fooled by his rhetoric. He cares nothing for our Village.

  8. I have watched Shinozuka on the Planning Board and agree with you (#7). Fair, thoughtful, smart, asking the right questions. Does her homework, too. She very much seems to have Ridgewoods best interest at heart and has my vote as she reflects my vision for Ridgewood. I believe also believe she will be a fine council member.

  9. I am sick and tired of all these special interest group endorsements. Vote for the people you think will work hard and bring good skills to the table for FOUR years, not because you feel you’re guaranteed some future action on an issue or two. That’s why I’m voting Aronsohn, Pucciarelli and Hauck. Killion = wishy-washy good ol’ boy; Forenza = would be great but tainted by recent Paterson mess; Shinozuka = babe in the woods and not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  10. Aronsohn and Hauck are geniuses? I’ll take sincerity and hard work any time over self-promotion and hypocrisy.

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