What’s Become of Ridgewood

As a lifelong resident of Ridgewood, I find it sad that there is a new era of “partisan politics” in our midst. This Village Council election should be about serving the residents and taxpayers of Ridgewood not about how to “seize control” of the Council. My observation from the sidelines has been that those who step up to serve do so with the best intentions, usually at much personal sacrifice. They give their service and move on back into private life. I find this new era of outside money and paid for shills on street corners in tee shirts quite disturbing. We are bombarded daily with disgusting political maneuvering at the national level and now it seems it has crept its way into our Village.

I have carefully listened and observed the tactics, the words and the actions of those who are running for Village Council. Once you clear away the smoke, both Keith and Jane appear to stand alone for all of the right reasons. Ridgewood has seen the effects of a partisan Mayor who dreamed of a Freeholder position. That wreckage took years to recover from. I urge you to not let history repeat itself. Vote for Keith and Jane tomorrow so we may protect the future of Ridgewood from the nasty ways of party politics.