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What’s going on at the Town Garage property in Ridgewood?

Onyx Equities, LLC

November 28,2017

by the staff of The Ridgewood Blog

Ridgewood NJ, A van owned by John Saraceno’s company (Onyx Equities, LLC) was recently observed parked in the lot of the former Town Garage property, 120 Franklin Avenue. We wonder if this means that Mr. Saraceno is now involved in a formal business relationship with the owners of this property, just as he now seems to be with the owners of the former Ken Smith property.

If things keep moving the way they have been, pretty soon Mr. Saraceno will control more properties in the Village than the Russo-Ferraro partnership does.


16 thoughts on “What’s going on at the Town Garage property in Ridgewood?

  1. The Mayor wants that property for her garage at any cost. If Mr. Saraceno bought the property it was a smart move because the Mayor will pay top money to get her project done.

  2. People were then seen walking to the truck carrying a bag of delicious treats. I wonder if this means “they were getting ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s.”

  3. Smells Fishy to me. Forgot, they closed for renovations, right John?

  4. 8:04. Angry much Jeff?

  5. 9:35 Im not Jeff. There are some people that see whats going on besides Jeff. The Mayor is not alway right and she is not perfect. Only in yours eyes.

  6. 11:34, if you agree with Jeff on ANYTHING then you have zero credibility

  7. Build a parking garage on the footprint of the current train station parking lot, six stories, seven, ten, whatever, and let’s be done with all of this nonsense.

  8. 2:20pm, that will not satisfy the local politician’s commercial stake. They are invested on the east side of the train station, and need a parking lot on the east side. All their talk about ‘commuter parking’ is misleading. They need this parking for their apartments and restaurants, where they are invested with their own money.

  9. Are you kidding me 1.41. Who died and left you in charge of judging credibility. You sure are full yourself. Your another legend in your own mind.

  10. 4:35pm – I did. I left him in charge of judging credibility.
    I see now that that was a mistake. My bad.
    Oh and for the record, I am alive and well…

  11. Sound familiar 1:41

    noun: bigot; plural noun: bigots

    a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.
    “don’t let a few small-minded bigots destroy the good image of the city”
    synonyms: chauvinist, partisan, sectarian; More

  12. 8:04 11:34 either Voight or a member of his family. Although rumor has it his family is done with him.

  13. 3:08pm: couldn’t a parking garage built over the current footprint of the train station satisfy east side parking demands if used as an essentially unlimited overflow site for the existing valet parking scheme? Just a thought. Probably a bad one, admittedly, because RWD residents like the looks of the newly renovated train station and a parking garage would obscure their view!

  14. Too funny…you people SERIOUSLY need to get out more.
    Go to the new office. I hear it’s nice.

  15. 8:12 Now your going to bring in his family ! Your really a lowlife.

  16. What is so wrong with a garage downtown to help out parking by removing and cleaning up some of the eye sores lingering around down town? Also,
    I don’t understand why everyone on this site are so disrespectful to other people.

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