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Who were the other candidates for Superintendent?

>The Fly is curious. Has anyone filed an OPRA yet to determine the names of candidates #2 & #3? Were any internal candidates being considered? Reportedly, there were over 30 applicants.

It’s difficult to believe that BOE members are going to appoint another interim Super instead of just tapping the next person on their list. Could it be that Marty Brooks was the only candidate they ever looked at?


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  1. >This is a joke, Look what happened a few years ago–they couldn’t hire from within and lost Joyce Snider to Saddle River, she’s still there doing an excellant job and we’re going on our 3rd Super. Or maybe SHE was passed over by the good o boys club.
    We need to spend more money on a search? Did they even concider someone from within?
    Were are these people’s brains.

    Frankly at this point I don’t think anyone that already works here would dare take the job anyway, knowing what’s happening with all the outcry about math and now reading and writing.

  2. >Arilotta’s in as the interim, right?

  3. >2:22

    Until 6-30 I guess.

    Maybe the BRAINS at the BoE will make him an offer he can’t refuse to stay till they find someone else.

    Maybe a car with expences.

    Oh I forgot he won’t need to commute.
    How about save $20k and not have a search and give it to him as a perk to stay on.

  4. >”Arilotta’s in as the interim, right?”

    No. The BOE meets on 6/18 to discuss appointing an interim. At last count, I heard that Paul is out as of July 1.


    Arilotta Resigns as Interim Superintendent

    At the April 23, 2007, Board of Education meeting, the Board accepted Dr. Paul Arilotta’s resignation as interim superintendent of schools, effective July 1, 2007. Arilotta thanked the Board members for their confidence in naming him to this position. He told the Board that of the 17 years he has been with the district he was most grateful for the 12 years he spent as principal of Travell School, which he said were the most rewarding and highpoint of his career.

    Arilotta first joined the district in 1990 and was director of human resources for four years before taking the Travell position in 1995. He has been interim superintendent since September 1, 2006. While he resigned for the purpose of retirement, he is still not certain he is ready to close the door on his long and successful career in education. Arilotta also spent 20 years in the New York City school system and three years as superintendent in Hasbrouck Heights.

  5. >That search firm the BOE hired should be sued for malpractice.

    All they had to do was Google Brooks to find out that he was NOT the right fit for Ridgewood.

    Three districts refused to hire this man. And he wrote the book on Constructivist math. And he was kicked out of his former district for peddling this brand of math only idiots will tolerate. And he withdrew from his previous job offer because he did not have the unanimous support of the board.

    Need I go on….

    Why should we accept sloppy seconds or thirds?

    How about a candidate with a real doctorate, like a Ph.D! This way he or she will at least be as smart as many of our village residents.

    The BOE should stay away from Educrats. One can only hope they continue to be in “short” supply as our top notch search firm bemoaned in the Ridgewood News.

  6. >Arilotta is my man to take over the helm again. But this time I’d like him to not be so timid. I mean this can be your finest hour, so, “Carpe Diem”!

  7. >Joyce Snider?

    Your kidding, right?

  8. >Did anyone hear the Ridgewood Math Story on WOR’s “Hennigan (sp?) and White” program yesterday afternoon? Not one caller, all except one or two from Ridgewood, had anything postive to say about the TERC program.

  9. >The firm the BOE used to hire Brooks is now saying in the Ridgewood News that they have to start from scratch because “nobody wants to be second or third choice.”

    But that’s baloney. The real reason the firm wants them to start over is because if they pick up where they left off on the previous search, they don’t get paid again.

  10. >If the board hires that stupid do-nothing firm again, then they are as dumb as they have been acting over the last few weeks.

    I mean, c’mon. Are they blind or something?

    This firm only looks at passed over educrats.

    Memo to the Board:

    We don’t want anymore of those. Hire another smooth-talking scammer and we will revolt again. We don’t care if they suck up to you, flatter you, make you feel “smart” and you melt.

    We’re sick and tired of your sick and tired overused candidates that bamboozle you. Cast a wider net. Better yet, cast one where NO educrats are fishing. If you catch an educrat, do the town a favor and throw him back!

  11. >I believe the search firm delivered exactly what school leadership (Botsford and Arilotta) wanted, a fuzzy math true believer.

    Btw, rumor has it that BOE officials are setting resident against resident, stirring up resentment against anti-TERC parents. Evidently at least one BOE official (not Mark) is calling residents, repeating accusations made on the web site and in print media. The official also took the opportunity at a public event to quite publicly make these accusations. Any truth to these rumors? Has anyone on this blog received such a phone call or attended one of these events?

    Or are these just wild rumors, stirred up by the BOE’s reckless public comments?

  12. >I think input from 1000, not 100, residents would have made the process much more defenseable.

  13. >Many districts hire superintendents without the use of a search firm.

    Hasn’t anyone ever been sent on a job interview by a search firm that was totally inappropriate? Despite the recruiter telling you how perfect the job is for your skills?

    Search firms get paid to provide candidates and place someone in a job. That is their incentive. Not that the person is necessarily the best fit.

    It should have been obvious to many people involved these past few months that hiring Dr. Brooks would be controversial based on the growing concern of the math parent group and the coincidence of where he was coming from and that district’s similar parent group against Investigations and the constructivist teaching approach.

    Bombace made a comment that Brooks wasn’t going to be involved in math. How could he not? Especially when there was a growing math uprising going on? Why hire a superintendent if he not going to run the educational show? Why would someone want a job where the BOE is taking away their leadership? Would Brooks agree to lead in a district where traditional math is taught, if there is a change in direction?

    Perhaps the idea of the role of the superintendent is one that needs thought going forward by the BOE. What exact role does this person play, what they are accountable for and what makes this person a good fit are a few good starting points for finding a superintendent that will work well.

    Search firms are only there to collect commissions, their kids are not in the schools. Do they really care how things work out once the papers are signed?

  14. >Many interesting comments. The BOE is planning to open up another floor with a live feed big screen for this Monday’s meeting. The word is that many are planning to attend to see what the Board’s plans are regarding both the math focus group and filling the superintendency. Bloggers, now is the best time to go and be heard!

  15. >We need a Montesano. Google the name… Roy, Charlie, etc… they are great, down to earth people. Maybe just what we need. I think one of them is actually the highest paid super in Bergen County now (in Ramsey, if memory serves…)

  16. >Bet the Board and this search firm choose as their next candidate someone who is going to take math out of the curriculum all together. Lol!

  17. >You may not be successful in that OPRA request under N.J.S.A 47:1a et seq and executive order #21 & 26 “Resume of an unsuccessful candidate for employment if the candidate consents” is one of the 24 exemptions- you should try though- you never know-

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